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Victims of Terrorism (05:47)


What happens when the state breaks its bonds of trust with citizens and sponsors acts of terror? The Hegna family pays tribute to Charles Hegna, who died in a 1984 plane hijacking sponsored by Iran.

State-sponsored Terrorism (02:31)

Iran, by supporting terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, has been a persistent sponsor of terror beyond its borders, as have many other countries, including democratic ones.

United States and the Contras (04:12)

In the 1980s, the United States sponsors an insurgency in Nicaragua, funding, training, and supporting the rebel Contras in order to oust the communist Sandinistas.

Economic Targets (07:30)

During their support of the Contras in Nicaragua, the US is involved in hitting economic targets. Oil tanks are blown up and harbors are mined, leading to the halt of shipping in the area.

Civilians as Targets (05:54)

The US-backed Contras commit murder, rape, and other violent acts against ordinary citizens. Many Latin American dictators and military leaders have been trained at the CIA School of the Americas. Rebel leaders refer to a psychological warfare manual from the School of the Americas, a Pentagon training operation.

Argentina's Dirty War (05:54)

In 1976 Argentina's military institutes a program of terror against its citizens. A victim explains how she and others were kidnapped, tortured, and sometimes killed.

The Disappeared (03:59)

Women and children who disappeared during Argentina's Dirty War are sought out by their mothers and grandmothers, who still search for them years later.

Evidence of Terrorism (07:25)

In Argentina, forensic scientists examine common graves for evidence that executions occurred. Some victims are thrown out of airplanes, their bodies washing ashore, hands tied together.

Terrorism: A Vicious Cycle (03:16)

Israel discovers that Iran is supplying weapons to the Palestinians, and decides to fight terrorism with still more terrorism. When states use terrorism against terror, however, no victory is had.

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In the Name of the State: When Might Makes Right

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This program profiles cases of Iranian-sponsored terrorism via the Hezbollah and the PLO as well as Argentina’s dirty war, when the government used terror tactics against its own people. U.S.-backed insurgency in Nicaragua via the Contras is also analyzed. Joseph Kennedy II; Duane Clarridge, former chief of the CIA’s Latin American division; and Bayardo Izaba, of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights, are spotlighted, as are retired General Martin Balza, former head of Argentina’s armed forces; former interrogator H├ęctor Vergez; Estela Barnes de Carlotto, president of the Association of Grandmothers of the May Square; and forensic anthropologist Luis Fondebrider, who is committed to identifying remains of the disappeared. (47 minutes)

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