Segments in this Video

Sinkhole Tragedy (01:52)


In February 2013, a sinkhole opened under Jeff Bush's Florida home. Professor Iain Stewart will investigate geological conditions that caused the phenomenon.

Florida Natural Disaster (02:06)

Family members of Jeff Bush recall the night the sinkhole opened under his bed.

Trapped in a Sinkhole (04:33)

Hear the 911 call. A local sheriff describes it as something alive. Bush's body was never recovered.

Exploring a Sinkhole (05:30)

Stewart notices more sinkholes in the news—the majority in Florida. He descends into a cave to understand how subterranean erosion causes a thin surface layer to collapse

Sinkhole Landscape (04:10)

Stewart flies over a Tampa suburb for a bird's eye view of lakes formed from limestone caverns; there are thousands in Florida.

Florida Geology (02:17)

Stewart explains how carbonate mud is formed. The peninsula consists of limestone, causing sinkholes.

Limestone Erosion (02:22)

Stewart visits a Florida quarry and demonstrates how slightly acidic rainfall dissolves bedrock, creating caves and sinkholes.

Florida Aquifer (02:58)

Florida is on eroding limestone. Stewart visits Peacock Springs to learn about its underwater cave system.

Subterranean Cave System (04:07)

On dry land, Stewart follows cave divers exploring a Florida sinkhole. Erosion causes the limestone caverns to expand continually.

Karst Swamp (04:45)

Stewart contemplates the Florida cave system as he waits for divers to surface from a sinkhole.

Winter Park Sinkhole (04:45)

View footage of a 1981 sinkhole outside Orlando. Stewart explains how clay sediment forms a temporary bridge before causing the ground to cave in.

Sinkhole Triggers (02:47)

Geologists search for clay beneath Florida residences. Water demand causes aquifers to sink, drying clay. Water saturation can also cause clay to collapse.

Poor Urban Planning (02:32)

As Florida's population expands, homes are built over sinkholes—few collapse without warning. Buildings are often condemned when cracks appear.

Sinkhole Casualty (04:41)

A structural engineer explains why natural conditions that caused Jeff Bush's death are rare in Florida.

Credits: Swallowed By a Sinkhole (00:42)

Credits: Swallowed By a Sinkhole

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On February 28 2013, in a quiet residential suburb east of Tampa, Florida, Jeff Bush was asleep in bed when he and his entire bedroom disappeared into an abyss. Terrifyingly, there was no warning and Jeff’s body has never been recovered. He had been swallowed by a sinkhole. But what causes these sinkholes? And is there anything we can do about them? In this fascinating geological detective story, Professor Iain Stewart unearths millions of years of the Earth’s history as he searches for the answers and asks if there are more sinkholes coming our way. A BBC Production.

Length: 51 minutes

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