Segments in this Video

Family Photos (01:07)


An old woman shows her great niece old family photos.

Life and Aging (01:35)

Great Aunt Gloria has lived in a New York apartment since 1961, living a life of independence. She now has Parkinson's.

Home Health Worker (02:50)

Aunt Gloria's reluctantly agreed to a home health care worker, one who has long known her. Still, she chafes at the health worker's telling her what to do.

Jarring Change (01:07)

The narrator recalls childhood visits to Aunt Gloria in New York. Gloria had a glamorous nightlife and a boyfriend of 30 years. She is now old and frail.

Rejecting Supervision (02:51)

Gloria's relatives try to convince her that she needs round-the-clock care. She rejects the idea; after the visit, she says she finds the topic scary.

Fear of Losing Control (01:47)

Aunt Gloria reveals that she finds the topic of losing independence scary. With strong attachment to New York, she doesn't want to move closer to her family.

Youth (01:38)

Gloria's family came from Eastern Europe at the turn of the twentieth century. She talks about her family and childhood.

New York (02:38)

Gloria talks about the different neighborhoods of New York, and why she lived uptown.

Beauty Parlor (03:23)

Gloria gets her hair done; she discusses her long time as a customer, and says the place did not used to be fancy.

Art Museum (02:46)

The narrator visits the Museum of Modern Art with Great Aunt Gloria. Gloria has an art collection.

Past and Present Life (01:28)

Aunt Gloria shows photos from her youth. Despite greater limitations, she clings to independence.

Credits: Great Aunt Gloria: A Film about Aging (01:29)

Credits: Great Aunt Gloria: A Film about Aging

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What does it mean to be a glamorous uptown girl turned elderly Parkinson’s patient in New York City? In spite of increasingly debilitating physical limitations, Gloria Thorner is determined to live life in her own way. Through the relationship between the filmmaker and her great aunt, this film explores how memories of the past inform present understandings of ourselves and our loved ones.

Length: 26 minutes

Item#: BVL60528

ISBN: 978-1-60057-571-6

Copyright date: ©2007

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