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Introduction: Gender Wars (02:36)


This program covers the male and female brain, inviting viewers to participate in various brain games designed to highlight the differences between the genders. Is it nature or nurture?

FDR Child Photograph (00:46)

A picture depicts Franklin Roosevelt as a child, in what we would consider girlish dress. Key gender differences are in brains, not clothes.

Seeing Shades of Red (01:55)

How many shades of red do you see? Most women see all seven, while men see 3-5. One theory: women needed to gather nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Spatial Reasoning (02:50)

Pick out which image can be rearranged to form a specified image. Men perform better.

Orienting One's Self in Space (01:27)

Men's spatial reasoning abilities stems from a hunting past. Men find abstract directions simpler, while women like concrete landmarks.

Competition in Following Instructions (04:23)

The woman reads the whole list before beginning and learns that she can ignore the ten tasks. The man, driven by competitiveness, plunges in and loses.

Facial Memory (02:43)

Play a memory game with faces; women perform better. Learn the brain chemistry behind this outcome.

Spatial Skills Versus Memorization (04:38)

Two cars have identically packed trunks; men and women compete to repack. See whether men's spatial skills or women's memory wins out.

Conclusion: Gender Wars (01:13)

Men and women have different mental skills. A humorous final skit avoids judgment as to whether men's or women's brains are better.

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Battle of the Sexes

Part of the Series : Brain Games (Season 2)
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In this episode we’ll reveal the amazing ways the male and female brain may be wired differently through a series of interactive games, unexpected experiments, and relatable experts. So it’s time to choose sides in the ultimate battle of the sexes – on Brain Games.

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