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Ensuring the Past Does Not Repeat (02:44)


In Amsterdam, trauma remains over the 100,000 Dutch Jews killed during WWII. Jewish citizens commemorate this horrific time.

A Young Man's First Religious Rite (01:55)

At the Liberal synagogue in Amsterdam, a young boy prepares for his bar mitzvah. Rabbi Soetendorp states that Dutch Jews feel some affinity with Holland, but they still harbor mistrust.

A Bar Mitzvah (03:26)

Rabbi Soetendorp states that Jews still ask where god was during WWII. A thirteen-year-old boy takes full part in his bar mitzvah. Liberal and Orthodox Jews interpret the Torah differently; Liberal Jews deem personal choice important.

Preparing for Shavuot (03:25)

Esther Hakker is skeptical about religion and god. Sonja Van Praag states that the Friday night meal of Shavuot is the most important meal in a Jewish home; she discusses the importance of keeping tradition. An expert discusses Jewish dietary laws.

Keeping Jewish Tradition (02:14)

Marianne Van Praag would like to see the traditional role for Jewish women change. She does believe that other traditions should be kept. Her family drinks a toast to mark the beginning of the Sabbath. In the Jewish home, the table becomes an altar.

Remembering Humanity During Atrocity (02:23)

A ceremony in at the reformed synagogue in Amsterdam honors those that had the courage to protect Jews during Nazi occupation. The Israeli Ambassador speaks before the congregation.

Community Under Pressure (02:36)

Rabbi Soetendorp discusses what the Dutch community was like during Nazi occupation. A statue commemorates the Great Strike of 1942; dock workers protest the transportation of Jews. Leo Palache discusses the struggle to keep the faith.

God's Chosen People (02:23)

Jewish affirmation of life is celebrated at the Amsterdam Museum. The Erwteman family expresses their strong feelings for Orthodox Judaism.

Future of Dutch Judaism (03:08)

An expert reflects on the idea of Jews as misplaced people in Europe. Rabbi Soetendorp is optimistic that Jews, Christians, and Muslims can get along together. Holland celebrates National Remembrance Day.

Credits: Dutch Jews (01:03)

Credits: Dutch Jews

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This program focuses on the Dutch Liberal Jewish Community, led by Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, whose father helped to rebuild Judaism in Holland after the Holocaust. Through interviews with Jewish families, the program records the dilemmas faced by young and old as they try to come to terms with the Holocaust today. How could God allow such a thing to happen, and can Jews trust their Gentile neighbors? (30 minutes)

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