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Population of Muslims in France (02:45)


The charmed life of football's elite is world's away from everyday existence. In France today, Muslims are outnumbered only by Catholics. France's Muslims come from many nations, but they all believe in the Five Pillars of Islam.

Islam and Mosques in France (03:26)

France's large Muslim population lacks places to worship, and they often have to rent halls or gymnasiums to pray. The residents of Lyon are resisting the addition of a new mosque in their city.

Muslims in France (04:53)

Islam brings its own distinctive color to the French suburbs. France is generally hostile and sullen towards Muslims, particularly women. Muslims and North Africans face unemployment. Islam is compatible with other cultures and religions.

Arabic Language and Koran (02:19)

To read the Koran, all Muslims must have an understanding of basic Arabic. As more Muslim women learn the ancient texts, they discover long-forgotten rights granted to them in the Koran.

Religious Practices: Distractions (03:29)

In France, Muslim worship is a private matter rather than a public display. After the fast of Ramadan is over, it is time for feasting and celebration. Young Muslim males find many distractions in France that interfere with their religious observances.

Muslim Education in France (01:27)

French education is secular, so the only place Muslim children can learn about Islam is at home. Muslims feel marginalized when 2 girls are expelled for wearing face veils. Parents promise to challenge the decision in the courts.

New Hope: Islamic College in France (05:13)

An Islamic college in France is designed to train a new generation of Muslim leaders who might offer Europe a new Islamic perspective. The emphasis on moral instruction in the college is strong as is the importance of Islamic history.

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Shot mainly in Lyons, this program looks at the problems faced by the city’s mainly young Muslim population as they try to gain acceptance into French society while adapting their religion to break ties with North Africa and the Arabic world. A new kind of Islam is emerging, to which France appears to be reacting with the same old racism and religious intolerance. (30 minutes)

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