Segments in this Video

Death by Violent Crime (04:54)


The funeral of a 15-year-old who died by violence gives the people in Dallas pause to consider the boy's troubled years and his efforts to reform.

Dallas Streets: More Dangerous Than Vietnam (03:47)

Archival television footage covers violent crimes in Dallas. Inmates are paroled early from Dallas’s overcrowded prisons, and Dallas residents complain about violent crimes in their neighborhoods.

Citizens With Guns and Gun Control (05:28)

Dallas citizens protect themselves from rising acts of violence by checking schoolchildren for weapons and turning their homes into fortresses. Moyers interviews the Dallas police chief about crime and gun control.

Neighborhood Crime and Neighborhood Citizens' Watch Groups (05:18)

A Youth at Risk caseworker speaks out on gun control, early prevention programs, and dealing with social ills that spawn violent crime in the African American community.

Organized Efforts Against Neighborhood Crime (03:13)

A former Black Panther member organizes anti-drug efforts in poor neighborhoods in Dallas by carrying out armed street patrols. An activist mother patrols neighborhood streets to prevent crime.

Victims' Rights Advocacy (03:42)

Old-fashioned community values are lost in today's society. Victims' voices are often devalued because society does not value all its members.

Strategies to Combat Crime (05:34)

The long-term solution to violent crime is prevention, not incarceration. Solutions lie in schools and in more representation of minorities, but schools and police cannot substitute for supportive families.

Cultural Awareness and Police (03:57)

Advocates for more cultural awareness training for police argue that mistaken perceptions make suspects out of victims, and thus cause a lack of hope among certain groups such as young, black males.

Gun Control Issues (04:59)

A Republican political consultant discusses how politicians shape their campaigns against crime, death penalty, and gun control. Moyers' panel discusses the effectiveness of proposed gun control.

Citizens' Opinions About Violent Crime (05:46)

Citizens discuss what politicians can do about fighting violent crime. Topics include citizen empowerment, lack of police resources, root causes of crime, inexperienced police officers, and violence against homosexuals.

War on Drugs: Is It a Real War? (06:01)

This segment provides an overview and history of crime in America and the war on drugs. Topics include education, demand reduction, and lack of resources for prevention of drug use.

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So Violent a Nation

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This program with Bill Moyers focuses on Dallas, TX, to examine how violence is affecting American life. Dallas has the highest crime rate of any American city with a population above 500,000. The program visits a hospital emergency room, citizens who patrol their neighborhoods, and follows a police officer who patrols one of the most dangerous beats in Dallas. Featured in the program are interviews with a youth caseworker, a victim’s rights advocate, and the Dallas Police Chief. They discuss gun control, police-community relations, education, and other crime-related topics. (60 minutes)

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