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Bush/Quayle Presidential Election (03:59)


The 1992 National Affairs Briefing in Dallas is billed as non-partisan but has the backing of the evangelical community supporting the Bush/Quayle ticket. Abortion and homosexuality are key issues for those "who stand for Christian moral values."

Religious Right Speakers (04:37)

Religious Right speakers link pro-abortion lobby and AIDS Lobby ("Pro-sodomy" lobby) as intimate allies. They argue that homosexuality can be cured through personal relationship with Jesus. Oliver North and Pat share their points of view.

Christian Coalition (05:57)

Religious Right placards warn that Clinton and Gore are in favor of the spread of AIDS. Inflammatory words fan the flames against the secular media. The Christian Coalition argues that America was founded on biblical principles.

G.H.W. Bush: Politics and Culture (02:26)

G.H.W. Bush addresses the religious Right: "America will always occupy a special place in God's heart." He supports a "moral revival" in the U.S.

Politics and Religion (03:34)

Moyers interviews conservative religious leaders and writers on the claims of the religious Right. Marvin Liebman, a gay conservative, argues that the religious Right is neither Christian nor Conservative.

Future of Republican Party (04:29)

Is there hope for "democratic accommodation" between the ideals of the religious Right and the non-religious Conservatives? Liebman argues that Pat Robertson wants to take over the Republican Party.

Politics and Semantics (03:07)

During the Presidential election of 1992, the Christian Coalition engages in "code words" and slogans instead of facts. Misinformation about homosexuality is covered up with platitudes and biblical references.

Culture Wars (05:12)

Liebman dreams of a political culture in which homosexuality is not an issue, yet the Christian Coalition makes it a primary point of political and religious fervor. Participants engage in a lively discussion of God, tolerance, and homosexuality.

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The Religious Right

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This program with Bill Moyers focuses on the conservative evangelical movement in the U.S., presenting an eye-opening report on the "National Affairs Briefing," a meeting of members of the religious right following the Republican National Convention in 1992. Members of the movement featured in the program include Rev. Don Wildmon, Oliver North, Pat Buchanan, and Phyllis Schlafly, who voice their opinions on Bill Clinton, "militant homosexuals," feminists, "abortionists," and the "liberal secular" media. (37 minutes)

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