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Introduction: Cybertopia: Dreams of Silicon Valley (02:58)


This brief overview of Silicon Valley orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Find the Best (05:04)

Serial entrepreneur Kevin O'Connor discusses his companies and philosophies. His search engine Find the Best strives to expose bad products to consumers.

Tim Draper (04:52)

Venture capitalist Tim Draper invests in companies that approach banking, education, medicine, and government in a new way. The Draper University of Heroes is dedicated to students 18-20 years old.

Silicon Valley (03:00)

The buildings in Silicon Valley are nondescript and bland. David Weekly describes the thinking process that goes into programming.

Entrepreneurs (02:25)

David Weekly describes the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Silicon Valley. The people who live in the valley create tremendous amounts of wealth.

Cyber Utopia (03:51)

Peter Thiel believes technology is a vehicle of escape. The annual Burning Man event is symbolic of the collaborative environment of innovative companies.

Wired Magazine (04:58)

Founder Louis Rossetto describes the revolutionary spirit that the magazine captures and conveys. Fred Turner explains the importance of the magazine to counterculture.

Whole Earth Catalog (04:13)

Steve Jobs gives a commencement speech in which he talks about the counterculture publication.

Collective Intelligence (04:42)

David Weekly discusses the collaboration between humans and technology. He questions if there is a point where technology becomes sentient.

Post-Political Era (03:17)

Cybernetics theorizes that information and information technology are tools for transforming the social world without government. Louis Rossetto believes politics are a mistake.

Choosing Your Government (04:23)

The Seasteading Institute will build city islands in international waters where people can choose a government that suits their needs. Tim Draper explains plans for Estonia and the Six Californias.

Silicon Valley Escapism (02:00)

Arthur van Hoff works with the virtual reality world. He describes the ability to create a reality as profound; he shared his program with Elon Musk.

We are as Gods (01:57)

Everybody starts from zero. An expert believes that those in Silicon Valley are restless and would continue trying to conquer something new.

Credits: Cybertopia: Dreams of Silicon Valley (00:37)

Credits: Cybertopia: Dreams of Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley is one of the world’s most powerful regions: A region that holds more knowledge, power and money than Washington, Wall Street or Brussels. And it is here that a digital revolution is being coded that is shaping our lives at every possible level. This revolution is designed by a new order of programmers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from Silicon Valley. It’s these people who have the knowledge, the networks and the money. Always looking for new industries to disrupt and to innovate. This program steps into the world of these cyber-utopians and investigates their views, their ethos and their political agendas. What does their dream society look like, and who will be able to be part of it? We present a portrait of their cybertopia.

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