Segments in this Video

Conducting Competition (05:55)


Competitors arrive at the music hall. Gustav Kuhn introduces the jury and explains what they are looking for in the competition.

Allegro Ma Non Troppo (04:35)

Contestants perform a "one, two, three, four" and conduct a Minute. Contestants in the hallway discuss preparing for the competition. Kuhn and other jury members ask contestants questions about classical composers.

Strict Competition (03:05)

Contestants discuss conducting the Minute and the difficulty of competing. Contestants conduct piano players and an opera singer.

Waiting to Perform (03:41)

Contestants prepare in the hallways as others perform for the jury. Kuhn interrupts a performance because of timing. Contestants discuss competing against yourself.

Identifying Mistakes (06:53)

Kuhn interrupts a performance to ask about tempo; he emphasizes learning the scores. Contestants discuss the difficulty of the competition and reflect on their performances.

First Eliminations (03:59)

The jury considers which contestants to eliminate. Learn which 17 contestants will continue to the next round. Kuhn shares his opinion with contestants.

Vivace (03:01)

Carlo Goldstein hopes to wear his suit in the final round of competition. Contestants reflect on the upcoming performance with the orchestra. Kuhn thanks the orchestra for their contribution.

Conducting Mozart (05:53)

Contestants conduct the orchestra in a classical composition. Hikaru discusses the meaning of his name.

Conducting Bartók (03:22)

Contestants conduct the orchestra in a classical composition. They reflect on their performance and the difficulty of conducting. A jury member considers technique and personality.

Interpreting the Score (06:04)

Contestants conduct the orchestra in a classical composition. Hear their reflections on their performances and what it is like to conduct an orchestra.

Second Eliminations (02:14)

The jury members discuss scores and decide who will move on to the next round. Goldstein is disappointed he did not make the cut.

Andante (04:36)

Hikaru discusses the work of conducting; he enjoys the life. Fausto Corbo returns to watch his colleagues perform. The orchestra and contestants prepare for the next round of competitions.

Conducting Debussy (03:00)

Contestants conduct the orchestra in "La Prelude."

Conducting Beethoven and Brahms (03:57)

Contestants conduct the orchestra in "Symphony No. 5" and Brahm's first movement. Hikaru discusses the language of music and using his body as an instrument.

Conducting Beethoven and Brahms: 2 (05:13)

Contestants discuss interpreting the music and personalities. They conduct the string orchestra in classical music.

End of the Semifinals (02:58)

Contestants conduct the orchestra in classical music; some of the contestants are eliminated from the competition.

Finale Andante Maestoso (04:56)

Hideaki, Debora, Pieter, Annunziata, and Hikaru prepare for the final round of the competition. Kuhn reflects on the progression of the competition.

Hikaru and Hideaki's Final Performances (04:22)

Hikaru conducts the orchestra in Beethoven's "Symphony No. 5" The jury discusses their performances.

Annunziata, Debora, and Pieter (04:36)

Annunziata, Debora, and Pieter conduct the orchestra in a classical composition. The jury discusses their performances and choosing a winner.

End of the Concert (03:22)

The contestants share their feelings about conducting. The jury did not award a first prize; see which place each of the finalists received.

Credits: One Minute for Conductors (01:57)

Credits: One Minute for Conductors

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This film documents a week-long, nerve-wracking competition in which 136 young people from all over the world take part in a contest to determine who will be crowned the best conductor. Follow along as contestants navigate the highs and lows of the competition for the chance to conduct a top orchestra. See them conduct allegro ma non troppo, vivace, andante, andante maestoso, and answer questions about classical composition. The mounting tension stands in stark contrast to the sounds of classical music as the contestants make their way to the finale.


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