Segments in this Video

How Color Affects Hair Shaft (02:42)


Mcloughlin illustrates how hair responds differently to the application of semi-permanent color, permanent color, and bleach.

Hair Dye Components (03:47)

Mcloughlin discusses tint, peroxide and bleach. Peroxide comes in three main strengths and volumes. Bleach come in granules, cream and powder.

Using the Color Chart (04:53)

After using swatches to identify a client's natural base color, determine which colors are achievable. Mcloughlin gives examples.

Coloring Gray Hair (03:07)

Color applied to gray hair becomes brighter. Hear how peroxide strength affects hair color intensity.

Using the Color Wheel (03:45)

Using ash tones on a client with 6/0 hair color will cancel out reds. The top line 12-O colors are designed to work with 12% peroxide.

Challenges of Lightening Dark Hair (05:26)

Mcloughlin explains how to achieve a color of 845 on a client with a 4/0 natural base color. He quickly reviews how to use the color chart.

Review Affects of Color on Hair Shaft (01:12)

Semi-permanent colors includes temporary and quasi semi-permanent colors. Permanent color is trapped in the cortex. Bleach removes the base color of natural hair.

Review Shade Chart (02:12)

Find the client's natural base color; determine what color the client wants by using probing questions.

Review Use of Peroxides (01:50)

The color chart is used to illustrate which colors can be achieved by using different peroxide strengths. Use a high lift with a lower peroxide for a client wanting to go blonde. Conditioner is used to combat cuticle damage.

Review: How Hair Colour Works (00:50)

See a written review of the main points covered in this hair dyeing video.

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How Hair Colour Works

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In this lesson John Mcloughlin aims to make the world of hair coloring understandable. There are two main areas in coloring, the first is choosing the base shade, and the second is identifying the color that the client wants. Once students understand this, the choice of choosing which peroxide becomes easier, and with time, students can color with confidence and unleash their creative coloring talents to enhance their haircuts.



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