Segments in this Video

Types of Caps (03:04)


Mcloughlin does not recommend a cap with too many holes or one meant to be used with long hair in a ponytail.

Highlighting Horror Story (02:58)

In one publicized case a client was injured when bleach leaked through a worn-out cap. Check hair after 15 minutes when using bleach.

Pulling Hair Though Cap Holes (05:44)

Mcloughlin demonstrates how to put a cap on the client and techniques for using a hooked needle or crochet hook.

Technique #1: Alternating Rows (04:28)

Pull hair through the cap in alternating rows and holes. Take extra hair in the fringe area.

Technique #2: Clusters (02:07)

For a less structured look, pull hair through holes in groups of five.

Technique #3: Alternating Holes (03:29)

In a brickwork pattern, pull hair through alternating holes in each row. Hold the cap to prevent movement.

Technique #4: Every Hole (03:16)

Pull hair through each hole of the cap in this quadrant.

Mixing Color (05:29)

Wear a protective apron and gloves. For this demonstration, Mcloughlin mixes equal parts of color and peroxide.

Applying Color (06:27)

Use a brush to quickly paint on tint. Comb through hair for even distribution then apply a second application. Leave to develop per package instructions.

Checking Hair (01:52)

Comb through the hair to see if the color is taking.

Final Results (03:40)

The color contrast is hard to see on wet hair. See the subtle difference between the four techniques used. A variation of alternating colors is discussed.

Review: Cap Highlights (00:09)

Brief text recalls the main points covered in this instructional hair highlighting video.

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Cap Highlights

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Cap highlights are a valid method of coloring the hair, though some salons attack old methods because they aren't in fashion. In this lesson John Mcloughlin shows how to use the cap methods in various ways to give different results. The cap gives a good barrier between the scalp and the hair color and in some cases it is essential that this barrier be maintained. Check out the different methods covered in this lesson and experiment with all the different hair coloring options open to to create truly unique looks.

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