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Preparing Peroxide and Bleach (05:18)


See a sample of foil and hear about two types of mesh. Mcloughlin demonstrates how to mix bleach for a good consistency.

Foil Highlight Weave (10:45)

Use a tail comb to part a section of hair; split the section; weave sections of hair near the root. Put foil just under the weave; apply bleach; fold the foil over. Bleaching too close to the root creates an unintended band and may burn the scalp.

Adjusting Bleach Consistency (02:02)

Add product to thicken if needed.

Mesh Highlight Weave (07:51)

Taking hair sections at an angle softens the look. Use your tail comb to take a section of hair; split the hair; trap the mesh underneath; apply product and fold mesh. Hear why sections of hair are split.

Highlighting Technique: Slices (03:54)

Slicing gives a stronger effect and is only recommended for sides and back. Part off a thin section of hair; place mesh underneath; apply product to the entire section.

Fashionable Toners and Colors (02:43)

While Mcloughin demonstrates the slicing technique for highlighting hair, he discusses some of the colors being worn in London.

Highlighting Results (01:26)

See the different effects of highlighting hair with mesh and foil and weaving and slicing.

Review: Mesh and Foil (00:17)

See text of the main points covered in this hair highlighting instructional video.

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Mesh & Foil

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Using different techniques to apply hair color has taken on a new dimension. This is partly because of foil and mesh applications. In this lesson John Mcloughlin shows how to accurately use both the foil and mesh methods along with both the advantages and disadvantages of each of these techniques so that you'll know when, where and how to use foil and mesh hair coloring. You'll also get an insight on how the spatula and pen-mesh comb are used. 

Length: 35 minutes

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