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Mixing Semi-Permanent Color (02:36)


Mcloughlin explains the semi-permanent coloring procedure he will be demonstrating. He mixes peroxide and semi-permanent color in an applicator bottle. Air must be squeezed out before shaking.

Bottle Application: Step 1 (03:51)

Apply lines of color to the hair beginning at the front root area. Use your comb to keep the hair pulled back. Apply vertical lines to the back of the head while combing through.

Bottle Application: Step 2 (04:54)

Liberally apply the remainder of the semi-permanent color over the hair while spreading it through to the ends with a comb. Product should be removed immediately from client's skin.

Combing Color Through Hair (03:03)

Check for even coverage. Most semi-permanent colors go from roots to ends.

Creating 5/0 Color (04:53)

Mcloughlin mixes 30 mils of 6/0 and 15 mils of 4/0 to achieve 5/0. Combine the two before adding peroxide.

Applying Tint: Step 1 (05:31)

Mcloughlin explains the order in which he prefers to apply tint to the hair. Beginning along the outline keeps tint off the clients face.

Applying Tint: Step 2 (02:36)

Part the hair down center and apply color to the hair on both sides of the parting. Continue down the back and in the crown-to-ear partings.

Applying Tint: Step 3 (05:24)

Working horizontally through each quadrant section, use your tail comb to part the hair and brush on tint.

Applying Tint: Step 4 (03:43)

Brush tint on the dry ends and comb through the hair for even coverage. Mcloughlin discusses dyeing a client and while the color takes, dye a second client.

Testing for Skin Allergies (02:31)

Check your client for allergic reactions by leaving a low peroxide sample of the product on the neck area or near the elbow for 1 or 2 days. Worst cases have been seen in darker dyes.

Tinting Spatula and Pen Mesh Comb (04:04)

To use the spatula, begin with quadrants and use the same technique as the weave. The comb is an easy way to add color to sideburns.

Semi-Permanent Dye Results (01:14)

See how the red color is brighter on hair that was previously highlighted. Semi-permanents with red colors fade faster.

Virgin Application Technique (02:19)

For someone who has never colored their hair, tint is applied mid-length to ends before the roots to avoid root glow.

Root Application and Tint Results (02:19)

Learn about dyeing the roots only. See the the dried hair from the 5/0 full head application.

Review: Semi and Permanent (00:16)

See text reviewing the main points covered in this hair tinting instructional video.

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Always follow instructions as semi and permanent hair color applications can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In this lesson John Mcloughlin discusses skin testing, which is really important in avoiding possible allergic reactions. See both the bottle and root application methods, giving you a feel of how each application works.

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