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Hoarding—Can't Stop: Introduction (00:35)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of extreme hoarding with excerpts from the film.

Filling the House with "Stuff" (03:54)

Decades of hoarding fill every room in 82-year-old Brian Ward's home; it affects his family life. The loss of a loved one and growing up with a hoarder are two recognized causes of hoarding. Heather Ward attempts to clear space in her father's home for easier mobility.

Extreme Hoarding (01:54)

Sandy Newman, 74-years-old, is an extreme hoarder; she stopped throwing anything away after she experienced a heart attack. Sandy hides her hoarding by denying entry into her home; her house makes her feel claustrophobic.

Cleaning Crew in Florida (02:11)

A team of cleaners arrives at Sandy's home; they find the home infested with cockroaches. Technician Tasha Patrignani discusses helping Sandy.

Cleaning Crew in Cardiff (02:32)

Jeffery Avery and his team arrive to clean Brian's home. Heather reflects on the difficulty of the cleaning process. Brian worries that things will be broken or moved out of context.

De-Cluttering Ward's Home (03:51)

Brian fears the cleaning crew will throw items away; Avery locates money hidden in beneath trash. Brian refuses to part with any of his eight televisions.

Hoarding for 14 Years (03:03)

Paul Hampson, 52-years-old, has a flat, van, and two cars filled with "stuff." Paul explains why he hoards and how he navigates the rooms of his house. His girlfriend Sharon has never seen his hoard.

Sandy Newman's Kitchen (04:32)

The cleaning technicians remove large amounts of garbage; including bags of human feces. Cockroaches inhabit every part of Sandy's home. A cleaning technician falls through the bathroom floor.

Brian Ward's Living Room (04:45)

Avery and his team clear 19 years of hoarding from the living room. Brian and Heather get frustrated; Heather hides bags of garbage in her car. At the end of the day, Brian and Heather are happy with the progress.

Paul Hampson's Cluttered Flat (04:34)

Sharon arrives at Paul's flat for the first time; the clutter surprises her. Paul is confident that his relationship with Sharon will remain strong despite her disappointment with the hoarding.

Garbage Filled Bedroom (03:27)

Cleaning technicians remove mounds of garbage, newspapers, and cigarette butts from Sandy's room; cockroaches are everywhere. The team finds a second bathroom but it has plumbing problems.

Resembling a Home (02:22)

After 16 hours of cleaning, Sandy feels relief and hope. The oven hood sparks and almost burns one of the cleaning technicians.

Sandy Newman's Clean Home (02:18)

Cleaning technicians reflect on helping hoarders; they removed 46 bags of garbage and cleaned all surfaces. Sandy appreciates their help and is happy with her home.

Brian Ward's Clean Home (03:06)

Heather and her children visit Brian. Heather hopes Brian will keep his home free of clutter and reflects on growing up in the house. Brian hopes to make up for lost time with his grandchildren.

Credits: Hoarding—Can't Stop: When Compulsion Rules Your Life (00:33)

Credits: Hoarding—Can't Stop: When Compulsion Rules Your Life

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Hoarding—Can't Stop: When Compulsion Rules Your Life

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The inability to throw things away creates more than a messy home, it can be a dangerous lifestyle. Part of the Can't Stop series, this video focuses on extreme hoarding and the people who are affected by the obsession in the UK and the United States. Interviews and direct access provides an intimate look inside the lives of people whose compulsion causes strain in their mental health and their relationships. A BBC Production.

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