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Introduction: Caribbean with Simon Reeve: Part 1 (01:21)


See excerpts from the first part of this three part series, which has Reeve exploring culture, history, crime and tropical beauty.

European Settlement (01:33)

Hispaniola is divided between the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo is one of the largest cities in the Caribbean and the first Spanish city of the Americas.

Dominican Republic: Tourist Destination (02:06)

The most popular vacation spot in the Caribbean attracts 5 million visitors each year to its hundreds of miles of beaches and booming economy. Reeve takes a flying boat ride.

War on Drugs (04:56)

The South American drug trade is fueling poverty and crime in the Caribbean islands. Reeve joins the anti-narcotics division on a drug raid in one of the city's poorest districts.

Commando Training Camp (04:45)

Men are trained to deal with armed drug gangs. Reeve learns how easy it is to shoot an assault rifle. The quantity of drugs smuggled through the Dominican Republic has increased by 800%.

Alcohol Related Driving Accidents (03:01)

Reeve and his guide pick up cocktails at a drive-through bar. The WHO rates the Dominican Republic as the most dangerous place to drive. Drinking and driving laws are not enforced.

Parsley Massacre (03:06)

Thousands cross the Dajabón border daily to purchase goods for resale in Haiti. The Dominican Republic is in the process of expelling thousands of Haitians. Hear about the killing of Haitians in the 1930s.

Haiti's Citadelle Laferrière (03:56)

During French rule, Haiti was considered to be the richest slave colony in the world. Gaining independence in 1804, the former slaves built a fortress. Rather than attack, the French crippled Haiti with imposed reparations.

Vodou Ceremony (04:36)

Haiti's unique faith is rooted in Africa and a rebellious slave culture. The French forced slaves to convert to Catholicism. Learn about the secret religion of the slaves.

Unrealized Tourist Income (02:10)

Unpaved roads contribute to Haiti's poor economy. The government receives minimal payment for the private use of a bay for thousands of passengers who never leave the area for safety reasons.

Earthquake's Devastation (03:10)

Once a major trading port, Haiti's capital stands in ruins from the 2010 earthquake. Two hundred thousand died from the 60 second quake. Hear an emotional personal account.

Earthquake Victims (01:42)

Billions of pledged aid money never materialized. More than 150,000 still live in tents without adequate sewers or sanitation.

Haiti's Domestic Slave Children (03:22)

It is estimated that 300,000 children have been given away to a life of servitude. A foundation offers hope of a future by teaching life skills. One girl describes regular beatings from her adoptive mother.

Restavek Freedom Foundation Concert (02:14)

Singers from around the country perform to raise awareness of the restavek problem.

Establishing Marine Tourism (05:30)

A Floridian hopes to boost Haiti's economy and protect endangered sperm whales and other marine mammals. "Listen" to dolphins underwater and watch as a pod appears.

Puerto Rico's Brain Drain (04:10)

A cab driver discusses personal hardships. San Juan suffers from bankruptcy and the economic downturn. College graduates leave the island for better wages.

Weapons Testing on Vieques (02:43)

The U.S. Navy used the small island as a firing range for more than 60 years. A local fisherman describes living near constant explosions. Protesters attempt to disrupt the exercises, which eventually ended in 2002.

Munitions Litter Sea Bed (03:42)

Reeves goes diving to see an unexploded bomb. Fishermen are concerned about accidentally detonating one. Leaching chemicals may be the reason behind high cancer rates.

Credits: Caribbean with Simon Reeve: Part 1 (00:35)

Credits: Caribbean with Simon Reeve: Part 1

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Simon Reeve begins his journey on the island of Hispaniola, then explores both the light and dark sides of the Dominican Republic. He joins the Police Anti-Narcotics Division in the war against international drug cartels in Santo Domingo then crosses the border to Haiti and visits the notorious tented camps of Cite de Soleil. He also discovers a vibrant, colorful and thriving side to life in Haiti born out of the country’s unique history. A BBC Production.

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