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Elder Abuse: Family Crime (04:09)


More than 1.5 million of the elderly suffer at the hands of family members. A celebrated, aging boxer is held virtual prisoner by his daughter and husband until the police discover him, ill and emaciated in a urine-soaked bed.

Types of Elder Abuse (04:03)

The elderly are abused just as children are abused. They are beaten, burned, neglected, starved, psychologically tortured, and sexually abused. Family members are often driven by greed to financially abuse older relatives.

Elder Abuse: Case Study (03:45)

A high school principal and his family live with his aging, and perhaps schizophrenic mother. When the 91-year-old mother died, the detectives could hardly believe the deplorable condition of her emaciated, infected body.

Vulnerability of the Elderly (02:51)

Cab drivers overcharge an elderly woman for her 3-minute rides to a restaurant until they had taken $87,000 from her.

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Elder Abuse: America’s Growing Crime

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It has been estimated that 1.5 million elder Americans suffer neglect, mistreatment, and even financial exploitation at the hands of their own families. In this program, ABC News correspondents Diane Sawyer and Marti Emerald probe what is quickly becoming the fastest-growing family crime in the U.S. Together they investigate several cases of elder abuse and examine the efforts of crusaders such as the members of the ground-breaking Fiduciary Abuse Specialist Team, a volunteer network of social workers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, and police personnel who seek out evidence of financially abused senior citizens. (16 minutes)

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