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A six-part journey through state of the art of robotics and artificial intelligence. What is a robot? It is a shell for an artificial intelligence, a mechanical device capable of interacting with its environment, a machine that can autonomously perform an assigned task. Robots are also much more than this, something that escapes baseline definitions and has fascinated humanity for centuries. This series guides us through the discovery of the most intriguing projects that robotics has to offer, getting to know machines and ideas that will impact our future or are already part of our everyday lives. We examine a variety of robots in action—from androids created to entertain to machines designed to explore inhospitable habitats, from the wonders of biomimetics to the cities of tomorrow. A unique, exciting, and accessible point of view that shows the viewer that robotics no longer belongs to science fiction but to contemporary reality. We visited all of Europe's best robotics labs over the course of a year, seeing how they were designed and built, filming them in action, talking to their creators, looking at how people worked with and reacted to them. Never before has such an all-encompassing compendium of robots been seen in a single series.

Length: 312 minutes

Item#: BVL110733

ISBN: 978-1-68272-767-6

Copyright date: ©2014

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