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Playing God (03:49)


iCub is used in over 20 laboratories around the world. It is built to resemble a 3-year-old and can recognize objects, respond to voice commands, and interact with people.

Behavioral Safety (03:35)

Alexander Lenz discusses Burt, a robot designed to research safe human-to-robot interaction. Francesco Perro discusses Reem, the first service robot available for purchase.

Hard Bodies (03:12)

Rob Knight is building a robot from the inside out, taking inspiration from the muscles and tendons of a human. Take a look at Eccerobot, a robot that looks like a human without skin.

Soft Hands (03:02)

Sebastian Wolf discusses a new type of arm built to closely mimic a human's. The arm is even built with a cooling system, resembling veins and arteries.

Robot Dexterity (03:31)

AILA robot is controlled by an engineer wearing an exoskeleton. Justin robot has almost the equivalent agility and responsiveness of a 6-year-old child.

Robot Coordination (02:43)

Maximo A. Roa Garzon discusses the challenges he has experienced making Reem robot walk. Luca Marchidnni goes on to discuss the technological and theoretical obstacles in building a walking robot.

Robot Skin (03:20)

iCub is learning to walking in a process similar to a child's development. Scientists working on iCub want to take a walking robot one step further and believe it is important that a robot do something useful while it is walking.

Robot Actor (03:11)

RoboThespian is designed as an entertainment machine. Researchers are seeking to humanize robots. Rodolphe Gelin of Aldebaran Robitcs explains that NAO robot is made to look like a small creature to enhance the interactive relationship with it.

Open Source Robots (02:46)

Bruno Maisonnier explains how NAO robots are used to attract students to science. He goes on to explain how educators use the robots as a tool to work with children with autism.

Collaborative Robotics (03:00)

iCub and Ecce Robot Project offer open source platforms. Rob Knight discusses plans to offer designs for 3D printing and the importance of community in robot design.

What Makes Us Human? (03:39)

Researchers discuss the tiny details that go into building a robot. Human beings prefer to interact with robots that are human-like. Will Jackson describes the different ways people react to robots.

Human Likeness (02:39)

Jules is a robotic head made with soft materials that allow it to make human-like facial expressions. Nick Bostrom describes the "uncanny valley."

Evolution of AI (03:48)

Cognitive Robotics studies the mental aspect of robotics. It involves the movement of the body and physical interaction with the world.

Sentient Beings (03:22)

Scientists ask theoretical questions about the future for robots. Many believe it is important to develop ethical guidelines in robotics. Nick Bostrom believes that it is important to solve how to control an intelligent machine before building one.

Evil Intentions (02:31)

Researchers discuss the nature of fearing robots. Many dismiss the possibility of robots trying to take over the world. Watch a montage of robot footage.

Credits: Humanoid Robots: Age of Robots (01:46)

Credits: Humanoid Robots: Age of Robots

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They look like us, they move like us, and very soon they will live among us. They are humanoid robots. In the episode, we meet an astonishing group of humanoids. iCub is the world's first baby robot. See how he can learn, grow and adapt to his environment just as a human baby can. REEM, the Service Robot, is ready to be launched as a guide in public spaces. Be amazed at ECCERobot whose anatomy is directly inspired by the human body, complete with muscles and tendons. But what are the implications that come with creating machines that look like us?

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