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Smart City (02:39)


By the year 2050, 75% of humanity will live in urban areas. Ratti introduces the idea of a smart city. Bostrom explains the gradual emergence of robots into daily life.

Self-Driving Cars (02:50)

The robotic revolution starts on the city streets. The goal of the autonomous car is to perceive the environment and make driving action decisions.

EO Smart Connecting Car (05:32)

GPS is not sufficiently accurate to feed the car information about its location. Robot car uses an array of stereoscopic cameras which can see in three dimensions.

Ethical Information (02:59)

The important part about self-driving vehicles is the impact this technology will have on the ecosystem. Learn about artificial intelligence and autonomous ethical decision making.

REEM & Ballbot (04:21)

Reem is a robot designed to offer support in urban environments. It is equipped with face and speech recognition software. Learn how ballbot maintains its balance.

Tibi & Dabo (02:50)

Tibi and Dabo were created in order to enhance the quality of life in urban areas. They work together and cooperate with a self-driving vehicle. They can recognize and keep track of human faces.

Robot-Era Services (04:03)

Learn about Italian designed robots intended for household use. While they are targeted to the elderly, they can offer assistance to anybody.

Robi & Lea (02:06)

Before robots can hit the market, researchers must tackle the high cost for consumers. The University of Delft is building affordable robots that any individual can bring into their household.

Meet Molly (02:17)

Companion assistant robots can support people and empower them to look after themselves. Robots can help people live independent lives for longer.

Meet Justin (03:00)

A robot that has the ability to work with tools is extremely useful. An object database allows robots to share knowledge of how to execute tasks.

Humanoids (03:44)

REEM was designed with aesthetics in mind. As domestic assistants, robots will need to interact with children. Robots in the domestic arena require cooperation with humans.

Programming Empathy (03:03)

In order for robots to aide a growing population of elders they need the human emotion of empathy. Dehumanization of the social activity of care taking is a possible consequence.

Hyper-Body Project (03:45)

The city of the future could be built by rethinking everyday spaces. Learn about dynamic robotics in architecture. Roombots are self-configurable robots.

Homes on the Moon (02:28)

A possible future lunar base will be built by robots directly on location, using lunar soil to build a base. This technology works like a 3D printer.

Future of Human Employment (03:41)

We are potentially at the beginning of a 3rd industrial revolution with the advent of robotics. This could lead to a job market imbalance.

Credits: City of the Future: Age of Robots (01:46)

Credits: City of the Future: Age of Robots

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This film presents a frontier in advancing technology - robotics. Robots will be a large component of the city of the future. Learn how robots can assist people in urban settings, support domestic demands, and enhance the quality of life for a growing elderly population. This transformative movement could be the beginnings of a 3rd industrial revolution, but concerns surround how robotics will affect the future of human employment. 

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