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Heracles: Zeus' Trickery (03:22)


Zeus orchestrated a plan to seduce Alcmene. Amphitryon returned home eager for his wife to fulfill her promise and was confused by her behavior. He visited Tiresias who told him of Zeus' exploits.

Heracles: Hera's Revenge (03:26)

Nine months after her night with Zeus, Alcmene was ready to give birth; Zeus chose to name the baby after his wife. Hera demanded the first direct descendant of Perseus become king and instigated the early delivery of Alcmene's pregnant cousin. She sent two snakes to Heracles' bedchamber, but he strangled them.

Heracles: Growing to Manhood (02:56)

Heracles had great strength and in a temper, killed his music teacher; Amphitryon sent him to tend his flocks. Heracles with a club, a bow, and arrows left the countryside to explore the world. He married Megara and had eight children; Hera waited to unleash her wrath.

Heracles: Infanticide (01:55)

Hera afflicted Heracles with madness and he killed his children. He returned to his senses and was horrified, falling into despair; he consulted the oracle of Delphi. The oracle told Heracles to obey Eurystheus in all things.

Heracles: Twelve Labors (One - Six) (04:36)

Eurystheus gave Heracles 12 tasks to complete to obtain purification. Heracles defeated the lion of Nemera and the hydra of Lerna; located the hind of Ceryneia; captured the Erymanthean boar; cleaned the Augean stables; and dispatched the Stymphalian birds.

Heracles: Twelve Labors (Seven - Twelve) (05:03)

Heracles captured the Geryon Cattle and the Cretan bull; stole the mares of Diomedes, obtained the girdle of Hippolyta and golden apples from Hesperides; and captured Cerberus. He cleaned the Augean stables in a single day.

Heracles: Hera's Final Blow (03:43)

Nessus carried Heracles' second wife Deianira across the river during a flood and attempted to rape her when they reached land. Heracles hit Nessus with a poisoned arrow; Nessus offered his blood soaked tunic to Deianira. Deianira gave the tunic to Heracles, not knowing it was poisoned, and Heracles died.

Credits: Heracles, The Man Who Became A God—The Great Greek Myths (00:30)

Credits: Heracles, The Man Who Became A God—The Great Greek Myths

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Heracles, The Man Who Became A God—The Great Greek Myths

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We all know about Heracles’ unequalled strength, and the twelve labors he had to carry out, but we know a great deal less about the way in which his life was turned upside down by a series of terrible curses. Born from the union between Zeus and Alcmene, Heracles was a target for Zeus’ wife Hera’s jealousy, and she sent snakes to kill him while he was still in his cradle. Hera manipulated Heracles once again when he killed his wife Megara and their children. To redeem himself, he handed himself over to his cousin, the terrible Eurystheus, who imposed twelve tasks on him. These ranged from slaying the Lernaean Hydra, a gigantic seven-headed serpent, to capturing the Cerberus, the fearsome, three-headed dog that guarded the underworld.

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