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Hermes: Mischievous God (04:33)


Hermes, the son of Zeus and Maia, was born in a cave on Mount Cyllene. Hours after his birth, he wandered down the road, encountering livestock owned by King Admetus and cared for by Apollo. He stole the herd and took it to Mount Pylos where he sacrificed two cows before traveling back to his cave.

Hermes: Locating the Thief (05:24)

Hermes fashioned a lyre out of a tortoise shell and animal entrails. Apollo enlisted the satyrs to help find the missing herd and learned Hermes was the thief. He took Hermes to Zeus, demanding their return; Hermes agreed and announced that he was the 12th god of Olympus.

Hermes: Education (03:11)

Hermes played his lyre, captivating Apollo; Apollo offered the herd in trade. Hermes agreed and fashioned a flute from a reed; Apollo offered his golden staff in trade but Hermes wanted more. Hermes learned the art of prophecy at the Temple of Delphos.

Hermes: Accomplished God (01:37)

Zeus gave Hermes responsibility for the security of divine properties on Olympus and presented him with a staff that had two entwined snakes. Hermes donned a wide brimmed hat and winged sandals.

Hermes: Messenger (03:05)

Zeus appointed Hermes as an intercessor between mortals and divinity; he was the messenger of Hades and conveyor of souls. Hermes was also a patron of trade and placed himself at Zeus' disposal.

Hermes: Accomplice (02:16)

Hermes was Zeus' accomplice in the seduction of Alcmene. Hera turned Io into a heifer and made her Argos' captive. Hermes lulled the giant to sleep and killed him.

Hermes: Reputation (03:39)

Hermes' image began appearing on wayside markers, athletes paid him tribute, and shepherds made him the herd protector. Hermes was well-liked on Olympus but often incited irritation. Hermes had a half-man/half-woman child with Aphrodite, and a half-man/half-goat child with the daughter of a princess.

Hermes: Rogue (00:60)

Hermes was one of the best-loved gods among mortals. He combined truth and lies, and the underworld and Olympus.

Credits: Hermes, The Impenetrable Messenger—The Great Greek Myths (00:30)

Credits: Hermes, The Impenetrable Messenger—The Great Greek Myths

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Hermes, The Impenetrable Messenger—The Great Greek Myths

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Hermes was the youngest of the Gods of Olympus. Right from birth, he was an insolent, thieving, trickster God. While still a baby, he escaped from the cave in which his mother Maia gave birth to him, and stole Apollo’s herd. He subsequently invented the first lyre, which he offered him as a sign of reconciliation. Zeus admired the young God Hermes, and entrusted him with several missions: to become a messenger, to become an intercessor between the living and the dead, to promote trade and to encourage the circulation of travellers. But he was also his father’s best ally, and helped him carry out numerous attempts at seduction. He was a difficult God to fathom, and one could never be sure he was not trying to trick them. Hermes was well liked on Olympus, but sometimes also aggravated the Gods by making objects disappear or by playing tricks!

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