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Medea: Jason and the Argonauts (03:55)


The sailors are excited to reach Colchis and obtain the Golden Fleece. Jason enters Aeëtes' palace to ask for the fleece and sees Medea. Aeëtes sets three tasks for Jason to complete to earn the fleece.

Medea: Proposal (02:36)

Hera and Athena witnessed Jason's encounter with Aeëtes and decide to help; Eros ensures Medea is enamored of Jason. Jason agrees to marry Medea in exchange for her protection.

Medea: Completed Tasks (03:01)

Jason yokes the bulls, furrows the soil, sows the dragon's teeth, and defeats the warriors. Jason returns to the palace to claim the Golden Fleece, but Aeëtes refuses. Medea enchants the dragon and Jason steels the fleece.

Medea: Fleeing Colchis (02:03)

As Jason and Medea flee, Medea takes her half-brother hostage. The king's ship pursues the sailors and Medea kills Absyrtus, cutting his body into pieces and throwing them overboard. Aeëtes gathers the pieces as and the Argo sails away.

Medea: Cleansing (03:35)

Zeus proclaims Jason and Medea will pay for Absyrtus' murder with their lives unless they cleanse themselves. Circe cleanses the couple but orders Medea to leave; Jason wonders if he is cursed. The Argo encounters a heavily armed ship and Jason marries Medea to stop Aeëtes' pursuit.

Medea: Iolcos (04:13)

Jason returns and learns his uncle Pelias killed his family; Medea tricks Pelias' daughters into killing their father. The citizens crown Acastus king and Acastus exiles Jason and Medea. The couple finds refuge in Corinth and Medea births two sons.

Medea: Betrayal and Revenge (03:17)

King Creon wants Jason to denounce Medea, marry his daughter, and ascend to the throne of Corinth; Creon banishes Medea. Medea kills Creusa with a spelled gown and murders her children in the temple of Hera.

Medea: Jason and Medea (02:19)

After Medea killed his children and Creusa, Jason lived alone and unhappy; he was killed by a piece of the Argo as he slept. Hear various legends of what became of Medea.

Credits: Medea, Murderous Love—The Great Greek Myths (00:29)

Credits: Medea, Murderous Love—The Great Greek Myths

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Medea, Murderous Love—The Great Greek Myths

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On his quest to find the Golden Fleece, Jason asked the cruel King of Colchis and his daughter Medea, a powerful sorceress, for help. Medea fell in love with Jason, helped him to find the precious Fleece, and fled with him. Numerous adventures and misfortunes stemmed from this passionate encounter, and poor Medea seemed to be at the origin of them. The two young lovers took refuge in Greece, got married, and Medea gave birth to two children. But one day, Jason succumbed to the call of power. He rejected Medea, and married the daughter of the King of Corinth. Alone and sorrowful, Medea planned a terrible revenge that devastated the man she loved with a destructive passion.

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