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Oedipus: Crushed by Destiny (03:10)


Imposters usurp the throne of Thebes after the death of King Labdacus; his son Laius finds refuge in Elis. Laius falls in love with his pupil and rapes him when Chrysippus rejects his advances; Chrysippus commits suicide. King Pelops appeals to the gods to curse Lauis and his descendants.

Oedipus: Curse of the Gods (02:34)

Lauis returns to Thebes and takes the throne, choosing Jocasta as his queen. The oracle of Delphi tells Lauis that the gods forbid him a child but if he manages to father a son, the son will kill him. Jocasta becomes pregnant and births a son.

Oedipus: Adoptive Parents (02:46)

Lauis summons a shepherd to take his son and abandon him in the mountains. The shepherd gives the newborn to a man on his way to Corinth who gives the baby to King Polybus and Queen Merope.

Oedipus: Lauis' Death (03:46)

Oedipus learns he was adopted and asks the oracle about his birth parents; she delivers a terrible prophecy. Oedipus is consumed with escaping the imposed fate and wanders the land. He encounters a man who charges him in his chariot and Oedipus kills him.

Oedipus: Confronting the Sphinx (03:18)

Near Thebes, the Sphinx asks travelers to solve a riddle and if they cannot, she eats them. Oedipus learns that Creon is offering the throne and Jocasta to any man who can defeat the Sphinx; Oedipus succeeds.

Oedipus: King of Thebes (03:28)

Oedipus and Jocasta have four children together. A disease ravages Thebes and Oedipus learns it is because the city harbors the murderer of King Lauis. Oedipus searches for the assassin and recalls the encounter at the crossroads near Delphi.

Oedipus: Fulfilled Prophecy (03:31)

Oedipus learns King Polybus is dead and that he is the son of King Lauis and Queen Jocasta. Jocasta flees the throne room.

Oedipus: Voluntary Exile (02:40)

Oedipus finds Jocasta dead in her bedroom. He rips the golden pins from her robes and plunges them into his eyes. Oedipus leaves Thebes accompanied by his daughter Antigone and wanders the land.

Credits: Oedipus, The Riddle Solver—The Great Greek Myths (00:28)

Credits: Oedipus, The Riddle Solver—The Great Greek Myths

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Oedipus, The Riddle Solver—The Great Greek Myths

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No mortal endured more terrible a tragedy than Oedipus. He was the son of King Laius, King of Thebes, who, as a young man, having abused King Pelops’ son, caused his death. The Gods forbade him to have offspring, and decreed that if Laius gave birth to a son, that son would kill him. However, his wife Jocasta did give birth to a son, Oedipus. Laius removed Oedipus from Thebes, and he grew up far away from the city, without knowing his true identity or the curse that weighed upon on him. Once Oedipus had reached adulthood, he met a man on a chariot, who threatened him. Oedipus killed him. He then went to Thebes, and prepared to tackle the Sphinx, because he had heard that whoever managed to slay the terrible animal threatening the city could marry the recently widowed Queen Jocasta, and become King of Thebes…

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