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Perseus: King of Argos (02:40)


King Acrisius has everything he wants except a son and decides to consult the Oracle of Delphi. He learns he will have a daughter who will have a son that will kill him upon adulthood. His wife gives birth to Danaë.

Perseus: Imprisonment (03:15)

King Acrisius will not allow Danaë to marry and imprisons her in a tower. Zeus takes on the form of golden rain to seduce Danaë.

Perseus: Birth (02:47)

Danaë gives birth nine months after Zeus visited her. King Acrisius discovers the baby and beheads the nurse and the guards. He places Danaë and Perseus in a wooden casket and sets afloat on the ocean.

Perseus: Obsessed Love (03:09)

The casket arrives near Serifos and Dictus brings it ashore, welcoming the occupants as family. King Polydectes becomes obsessed with Danaë and determines to separate her from Perseus. He sends Perseus on a quest for the gorgon's head.

Perseus: Three Gorgons (02:36)

Sthenno and Euryale are immortal, but Medusa can be defeated. Hermes and Athena admire Perseus and decide to help him on his quest for the gorgon's head. Hermes advises Perseus to seek the Graeae.

Perseus: Graeae (02:09)

Perseus uses Hermes' winged sandals to fly to the Graeae's cavern. He learns the location of the gorgons and how to get there.

Perseus: Isle of Gorgons (03:12)

Perseus arrives at the island of the gorgons. He uses the shield from Athena to cut off Medusa's head without making eye contact. On his way back to Serifos, he sees Andromeda chained to a rock.

Perseus: Saving Andromeda and Danaë (03:07)

Perseus kills the sea monster in exchange for Andromeda's hand in marriage. He returns to Serifos and learns about Polydectes' ill intentions. Perseus withdraws the head of the gorgon from the sack and Polydectes turns to stone.

Perseus: Return to Argos (02:03)

Perseus wants to find and pardon King Acrisius. Days after his arrival in Argos, he participates in games and throws the discus. Wind changes the trajectory and the discus kills Acrisius.

Credits: Perseus, The Look Of Death—The Great Greek Myths (00:30)

Credits: Perseus, The Look Of Death—The Great Greek Myths

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Perseus, The Look Of Death—The Great Greek Myths

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Perseus was not meant to come into the world. Fearing the fulfilment of the prediction according to which his grandson would kill him, King Acrisius shut his daughter Danaë away in a fortified tower. But Zeus fell in love with Danaë, and in order to conquer her, metamorphosed into a golden shower. Perseus was born from this union. Once he had become a man, Perseus was given the challenge of bringing the head of the Gorgon to the tyrant King Polydectes, who was holding his mother captive. This was the start of Perseus’ great adventure, which became a veritable legend for all the Greek heroes that came after him, because taking on Medusa was an act of madness, as whoever set eyes on her would turn to stone. The young Perseus set out in search of the Gorgon - the most terrifying of creatures - with the help of the God Hermes and the Goddess Athena.

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