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Prometheus: Beginning (01:56)


A mysterious figure takes fire from Mount Olympus. The union of Gaia and Ouranos produced the Titans, including Iapetus. Iapetus and Clymene had four children: Atlas, Menoetius, Epimetheus, and Prometheus.

Prometheus: Relieving Boredom (02:52)

The Titans formed an alliance against Zeus in his battle for supreme power; Prometheus and Epimetheus abstained. After Zeus' victory the gods created men and animals.

Prometheus: Distribution of Qualities (03:10)

Prometheus and Epimetheus were responsible for assigning qualities to animals and men. Prometheus asked Zeus to give men fire and Zeus lit the tree tops ablaze. Life for the gods and men was trouble free.

Prometheus: Immortality vs. Mortality (02:03)

When men died, they fell asleep and Hypnos took them to the Elysian Fields. Zeus decided men needed to be "put in place." He ordered the division of an ox, the best part going to the gods.

Prometheus: Fate of Humanity (04:18)

Prometheus did not like Zeus' new rules and when ordered to divide the ox, deceived Zeus. Zeus was angry and made life more difficult for humans. Prometheus stole an ember from the fire of Olympus to give to man; Zeus vowed revenge.

Prometheus: Pandora (03:43)

Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create a woman. The gods gifted her with beauty, a deceitful mind, curiosity, and an insatiable appetite for sex. Zeus gave Pandora box and Hermes gave Pandora to Epimetheus.

Prometheus: Human Woes (02:45)

Pandora opened the box from Zeus on her wedding night and released misery and misfortune into the world; hope remained in the box.

Prometheus: Punishment (02:35)

Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock and sent an eagle to devour his liver every day. Prometheus held knowledge of Zeus' downfall.

Prometheus: Protector of Men (01:47)

Zeus set Prometheus free and Prometheus revealed the secret about Zeus. "Prometheus is a figure of rebellion and revolt."

Credits: Prometheus, The Rebel Of Olympus—The Great Greek Myths (00:30)

Credits: Prometheus, The Rebel Of Olympus—The Great Greek Myths

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Prometheus, The Rebel Of Olympus—The Great Greek Myths

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Taking revenge against Prometheus, Zeus created the first woman - the beautiful Pandora. He gave her a manipulative and deceptive character, and subjected Prometheus to terrible torture. Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus were the sons of a Titan, Japetus. Japetus clashed with Zeus in the Battle of the Titans, whereas Prometheus - which means “forethought” - guessing that Zeus would be the victor, sided with him. But although Zeus and Prometheus both shared a shrewd and cunning nature, they clashed fiercely. Prometheus wanted to be of help to mankind, and managed to convince Zeus to give them fire. But when Zeus decided to relegate humans to their place, and to create a hierarchy between the gods and man, Prometheus opposed him...

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