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Psyche: New Divinity? (03:40)


Psyche, so beautiful that the gods compare her to Aphrodite, is unmarried. Aphrodite plots to eliminate her rival with the help of Eros, a god who was conceived the day she made her entrance into Olympus.

Psyche: Jealousy (02:01)

Aphrodite instructs Eros to afflict Psyche with a mad love for an ugly mortal. He injures himself on his golden arrow and falls in love with Psyche.

Psyche: Fate (00:41)

Psyche's father consults the oracle of Delphi and learns a monster will claim Psyche as his bride. A breeze takes Psyche to a palace in a valley. She explores the palace and locates her bedchamber.

Psyche: Invisible Husband (03:41)

Psyche's husband enters her bedchamber at night. He wishes for her happiness but asks that she never look upon his face.

Psyche: Feelings of Doubt (04:24)

As time passes, Psyche becomes lonely and begs to see her family. Her sisters are envious of Psyche and convince her that her husband will devour her. Psyche returns to her palace and gazes upon the face of her husband; Eros wakens and vanishes.

Psyche: Despair (03:55)

Psyche throws herself into a river but the river lifts her back to shore and Pan convinces her she can win back Eros. Aphrodite decrees Psyche her slave and sends her on a task; Zeus helps. Aphrodite imprisoned Eros in her palace.

Psyche: Underworld (04:05)

Aphrodite orders Psyche to obtain part of Persephone's beauty. Psyche decides to kill herself but "the tower" intervenes. Psyche fulfills Aphrodite's task but opens the box on her way home and falls into an endless sleep.

Psyche: Immortal (02:38)

Eros escapes and pleads with Zeus to give Psyche immortality; Zeus agrees and Psyche drinks ambrosia. Aphrodite surrenders her quest against Psyche and Eros.

Credits: Psyche, Beauty And The Beast—The Great Greek Myths (00:30)

Credits: Psyche, Beauty And The Beast—The Great Greek Myths

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Psyche, Beauty And The Beast—The Great Greek Myths

Part of the Series : The Great Greek Myths
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In this myth, many versions of which have been passed down through the ages, Psyche is the Beauty. Concerned that his daughter did not have a suitor, Psyche’s father consulted Pythia, who announced grave news: Psyche’s father must leave her on a hilltop, from where a monster would come take her away. In fact, Psyche was welcomed into a magnificent castle. Instead of being a monster, her husband was reassuring and tender. His only request was that she should not attempt to look at his face. Of course Psyche tried to find out who this unknown person was, and jeopardized the highly unusual, budding romance in the process. Jealous of Psyche’s beauty, the Goddess Aphrodite was at work in the wings. Psyche must carry out many tasks and avoid many traps in order to find the man she loves, whose real identity she has still to find out…

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