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Tartarus: Prison (02:12)


Tartarus was a deity before Gaia transformed him into an inaccessible region ruled over by Hades. The region housed all those who defied Zeus, including the Titans and giants.

Tartarus: Legendary Men (04:21)

Sisyphus developed trade and navigation in Corinth but his subjects considered him unreliable. Sisyphus noticed his herd was shrinking while Autolycus' was growing and set a trap to catch the thief. Sisyphus raped Autolycus' daughter Anticlea; she bore a child nine months later.

Tartarus: Denouncing a God (03:48)

Sisyphus witnessed Zeus abduct Aegina and proclaimed Zeus' guilt in exchange for an eternal spring. Zeus sent Thanatos after Sisyphus who tricked him to becoming his prisoner. Zeus condemned Sisyphus to Tartarus.

Tartarus: Eternal Damnation (03:08)

Sisyphus convinced Persephone to let him return to Earth for three days; he did not return to Tartarus. Zeus dispatched Sisyphus to Tartarus with a special punishment that came to symbolize the human condition.

Tartarus: Tantalus (04:49)

Tartarus stole the food and drink of the gods and shared them with mortals. He killed his son and secretly served him to the gods at a banquet. Zeus condemned Tantalus to Tartarus without the ability to eat or drink.

Tartarus: Magnanimity (01:58)

Zeus observes Tantalus in Tartarus; an example to warn others. Zeus returned life to Pelops and Clotho gave him an ivory shoulder.

Tartarus: Ixion (03:36)

Ixion reneged on a promise to Deioneus and shoved him into a fire. Zeus cleansed Ixion and invited him to a banquet; Ixion lusted after Hera. Ixion coupled with a replica of Hera and a centaur was born.

Tartarus: Eternal Hell (01:16)

Zeus affixed Ixion to a spinning wheel in Tartarus for eternity. The gods cannot tolerate mortals believing themselves invincible.

Credits: Tartarus, The Damned Of The Earth—The Great Greek Myths (00:29)

Credits: Tartarus, The Damned Of The Earth—The Great Greek Myths

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Tartarus, The Damned Of The Earth—The Great Greek Myths

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Located in the bowels of the Earth, Tartarus was the prison of the Underworld, the place where fallen Gods and banished heroes ended up. The Gods also sent three men there… The first was Sisyphus. A roguish trader, Sisyphus dared denounce Zeus for taking away a young woman he was intending to seduce. His punishment was to roll a boulder up a mountain for evermore. The second man to be sent to Tartarus was Tantalus. Close to the Gods, King Tantalus committed an unforgiveable act: having no food to eat, he killed his own son to give him to the Gods to eat. As for the dishonest and cruel Ixion, he was reckless enough to try and seduce Zeus’ wife Hera. All three men were condemned to eternal suffering for believing they were invincible in the face of the Gods.

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