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Zeus: Supreme Ruler (02:08)


Zeus is the father of gods and humanity and lord of the elements. He wields lightning against those who challenge him and dwells on Mount Olympus.

Zeus: In the Beginning (04:35)

Chaos was born out of darkness, followed by Gaia; Eros appeared. Uranus and Gaia coupled producing many children that were stuck inside the Earth. Gaia ordered her children to turn against Uranus.

Zeus: Rebellion (02:23)

Cronus cut off Uranus' genitals and tossed them into the sea; Uranus pulled away from Gaia, freeing their children. Cronus married Rhea and devoured each of their children after they were born.

Zeus: Birth (03:14)

Rhea ran from Cronus and gave birth to Zeus in Crete. She returned to Cronus, tricking him into devouring a stone; Gaia, the nymphs, and Amalthea cared for Zeus. Cronus discovered the deceit and searched for Zeus.

Zeus: Revenge (03:37)

The Curetes protect Zeus from Cronus as he grows. As an adult, Zeus seduces Metis and tells her about his desire for revenge and to free his siblings; Metis and Rhea help him. Cronus rallies the Titans in a battle against Zeus.

Zeus: Titanomachy and Gigantomachy (04:28)

Six Olympians face 12 Titans in the war that lasts for hundreds of years. Zeus allies with the Cyclops and defeats the Titans, imprisoning them in Tartarus. Gaia pits the Giants against Zeus in another war; Zeus fathers Heracles who kills the Giants.

Zeus: Typhon (02:43)

Gaia conceived a child with Tartarus who advanced on the gods in Olympus; all but Zeus fled to Egypt and disguised themselves as animals. The gods' flight into Egypt caused an intermingling of Greek and Egyptian gods.

Zeus: Master of the Gods (02:14)

Zeus and Typhon engaged in a brief but decisive battle. Zeus divided the cosmos with Poseidon and Hades.

Credits: Zeus And The Conquest Of Power—The Great Greek Myths (00:21)

Credits: Zeus And The Conquest Of Power—The Great Greek Myths

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Zeus And The Conquest Of Power—The Great Greek Myths

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To earn the title of Master of Olympus, Zeus took many important steps, and overcame many challenges. His story is one of an incredible conquest of power, dating back to time immemorial, when the world began. Born from Chaos, Gaia - Mother Earth - mated with Uranus, the sky. Many children were born from their union, notably the Titans and the Cyclops. The youngest of the Titans, Kronos, revolted against his father, who had suffocated his mother and their children. Having beaten his father, he decided to swallow all his own children to avoid the risk of one of them stealing power from him. Yet the youngest child survived, and waged a war against Kronos, the Titans, and many other creatures. This God was none other than Zeus.

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