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Zeus: Strengthening Power (02:12)


Zeus reigns supreme over mortals and gods; his council has 12 gods and goddesses. Zeus likes to seduce and indirectly imposes his authority through his love interests.

Zeus: Metis (03:29)

Metis is Zeus' first lover and wife. An oracle reveals that Metis will birth a son who will dethrone Zeus. Zeus challenges her to a game of metamorphosis and swallows her when she becomes a drop of water. A severe headache strikes Zeus and Hephaestus hits him with a mallet; Athena emerges.

Zeus: Volatile Sexual Nature (03:19)

Rhea forbade Zeus to remarry and he raped her. Zeus married Themis and they had 15 children including The Moirae who were responsible for life.

Zeus: Third Wife (02:39)

Zeus repudiated Themis and chose Hera as his queen. They wed in secret after Zeus' many attempts to seduce her, but Zeus continued to have affairs; he sought to strengthen his connection with the elements.

Zeus: Titan Goddesses (03:07)

Zeus seduced Eurynome and they had three daughters— the Three Graces. He had an affair with Mnemosyne and she birthed nine daughters— The Muses. Zeus had an affair with Leto and when she became pregnant with twins, Hera sent a serpent after her; Leto birthed Artemis and Apollo.

Zeus: Semele (03:03)

Zeus fell in love with the daughter of the King of Thebes and appeared to her in the guise of a man. Hera convinced Semele into asking Zeus to reveal his divine nature. Zeus capitulated and when he revealed himself, the palace caught fire; Semele birthed a son before she died.

Zeus: Europa (01:57)

Zeus appeared to Europa as a white bull and carried her to Crete where he changed back into a man. He placed the bull among the stars to honor the animal who carried Europa.

Zeus: Callisto (04:51)

Zeus seduced Callisto in the guise of Artemis and she became pregnant. He turned her into a bear, but Artemis shot her with an arrow. Hermes rescued the boy Callisto carried and Zeus placed Callisto's body among the stars.

Credits: Zeus In Love—The Great Greek Myths (00:36)

Credits: Zeus In Love—The Great Greek Myths

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Zeus In Love—The Great Greek Myths

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The Master of Olympus succumbed to the pleasures of seduction, because just like for a simple mortal, it was no easy task for him to overcome his desires. Having become Master of Olympus, the great seducer Zeus embarked upon many a romantic conquest, thereby reinforcing his power, through the many children he engendered. His first wife was Metis. His third, who was known as his wife on Olympus, was the jealous Hera. But there was also Themis, the goddess of Justice, with whom he produced the Hours, the Fates and the Mnemosyne - meaning “memory” - who gave birth to nine Muses. In order to achieve his aims, Zeus metamorphosed. He was an expert at changing shape and form. He turned into a charming prince in order to seduce Semele, the king of Thebes’ daughter, who gave birth to the god Dionysos. He also turned into a golden shower, a bull and even into another God. In order seduce the nymph Callisto, who was a follower of Artemis, the Goddess of Hunting, Zeus turned into Artemis herself.

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