Segments in this Video

Children's Thoughts on War (03:39)


Children express their thoughts and feelings about war in words, pictures, and play. Boys and girls question the worth of war. A young man who went to military school relates his feelings.

Military School (02:38)

A young man decides to attend military school. He loves everything about the military. Young men are attracted to opportunities in the military such as flying. They want to fight for freedom.

Weapons of War (01:52)

Children talk about the weapons of war such as guns, planes, and bombs. A boy philosophizes about birth and death.

Reasons for War (01:06)

Boys and girls discuss reasons for war such as desire for land, oil, or money. A young boy recognizes that greed is a part of the motivation for war.

Justification for War in Iraq (03:30)

Children note that the Civil War and Revolutionary War were justified because they accomplished good things. Children discuss President Bush's motives for the war in Iraq.

War Protests (04:14)

Children discuss peace tools such as protesting against the war. Some children say that protests do not work. Protest cheerleaders make their anti-war statements.

War's Effects on Children (02:18)

Children express their feelings about war, death, 9/11, and personal friends who died. A young man is affected by the death of a friend. Old photographs show family members who went to war.

Parents in the War (03:02)

Children reflect on their parents' experiences in the war in Iraq. They draw pictures to express their feelings about the war and speculate about what their fathers are doing.

Peace in the Future? (02:08)

Children express their doubts about a peaceful future. War is built into people, one boy suggests. Children speculate about the future. Will there be peace? What do they want for their children?

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When is war justified? What is worth dying for? Does protesting work? Is world peace possible? In this politically balanced program, children and teens express themselves with passion, intelligence, and insight as they grapple with these questions. “I made this documentary to give children a voice as well as encourage adults to reflect on what we are teaching tomorrow’s citizens,” says director/producer Jennifer Glos. An excellent tool for exploring the sociological and psychological impact of 9/11, the war in Iraq, and other incidents of violence on today’s children. Aired nationally on Showtime Networks. (26 minutes)

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