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Purpose of Parent-Teacher Conferences (02:56)


In a two-way parent-teacher conference, teachers learn about the child's home life, and parents learn about their child from a third-person perspective. Core topics of the conference include academics, social skills, and emotional development.

Preparation for a Parent-Teacher Conference (03:34)

Teachers identify in advance the two or three goals of the conference. Create a written agenda that includes overall impressions of child; academic progress; test scores; achievement goals; and strategic plan. Keep an organized portfolio.

Physical Setting for Parent-Teacher Conference (02:22)

Anticipate special needs, use adult-sized chairs, display student work, and create a clean, organized, but lively classroom setting. Greet parents at the door and invite participation. Budget time carefully and stay focused.

Academic Performance Discussion (03:11)

Use a portfolio to show parents a sampling of student academic work. Discuss teaching style and plan for the student. Elicit information about the child such as hobbies and interests. Avoid jargon and create a relaxing environment.

Discussion of Child's Study Habits (02:19)

In a parent-teacher conference, a teacher elicits information about a child's study habits and ability to stay on task. In a simulated conference, a teacher works with parents on their child's study habits.

Difficult Discussions with Parents (02:24)

In some situations, a teacher must discuss with parents difficult subjects such as holding their child back a grade. In a simulated conference, the teacher, having anticipated difficulty, is prepared for the parent's response.

Discussion of Children's Social Behavior (04:27)

This part of the conference focuses on the child's ability to get along appropriately with peers; express opinions with confidence; know how to resolve conflicts; and have respect for authority. A teacher discusses a child's social behavior with a distra

Teacher Conference with Limited English-Speaking Parent (00:60)

Teachers must anticipate how to communicate with non-native English speakers with little or no language facility. Bring an interpreter to the conference, or speak clearly and slowly.

Good and Bad News in Parent-Teacher Conferences (01:57)

Parents are more receptive to suggestions if they feel the teacher understands their child. Allow parents to express their feelings. In conferences, teachers discuss a child's negative classroom behavior and a child's classroom successes.

Children's Emotional Issues in Classroom Settings (03:02)

Teachers discuss emotional and behavioral issues with parents. Use objective terms; offer observation, and not opinion; avoid diagnostic terms; and make recommendations when necessary.

What Happens After the Parent-Teacher Conference? (03:01)

After the conference, teachers record notes about the conference, including insights, concerns, and recommendations. Keep in touch with parents and keep communication open. Assess the conference in general.

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To run a successful parent-teacher conference, educators need a wide range of skills at their disposal—and a healthy supply of confidence. This video builds both, providing solutions to the problems and frustrations that many teachers face when interacting with parents and guardians. The program explores step-by-step preparation strategies—including specific knowledge and data to have at hand, the best ways to introduce topics of concern and personalized feedback, and the communication and conflict-resolution skills needed to work effectively with parents. In-depth role-playing illustrates positive and negative ways in which a conference might play out and details the most compelling methods for conveying a student’s academic, social, and emotional progress. Interviews with teachers and parents reinforce essential concepts and highlight real-world challenges and rewards surrounding this vital part of education.

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