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Complex Human and Political Issues of Human Trafficking (03:57)


Experts liken human trafficking today to the slave trade of centuries ago. Human trafficking is a growth business for organized crime. Through it, thousands of women are forced into prostitution.

Sexual Enslavement of Women in Europe (03:14)

Germany is a primary destination for victims of human trafficking, primarily women from middle and Eastern Europe. Victims fear going to the police, so the police created a victim witness program for safety and criminal identification.

Governments vs. Human Traffickers (04:47)

Traffickers recruit among the poor in Eastern Europe. Governments look for weak points in the immigration process and along the borders. It is difficult to identify criminal traffickers, as victims are afraid of reprisal.

Coordinated EU Efforts to Solve Illegal Immigration Problems (04:21)

Overlapping agencies create a problem in the EU’s handling of illegals. To address this, the EU established FRONTEX, a coordinating agency to patrol external EU borders against traffickers and illegal aliens.

Can Illegal Immigration Be Stopped? (03:32)

Desperate émigrés risk their lives in their effort to get into the EU, particularly those coming from North Africa. Upon repatriation, many people are deeply in debt to local banks. The EU must develop a common policy on illegal immigration.

Deportation and Repatriation of Illegal Immigrants (05:02)

Repatriation is a cornerstone of EU immigration policy. Because of protests, the EU now deports North Africans to transit camps. In the future, however, Europe will need young immigrants to fill jobs of aging Europeans.

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Human Trafficking: A Crisis for the EU and the World

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Europe’s wealth represents a golden opportunity for those who smuggle cheap, easily exploited workers across international borders. But how does the loathsome mechanism of human trafficking actually occur, and what are EU authorities doing to fight it? This program investigates by recording the experiences of human trafficking victims and evaluating the work of the EU government in the battle against 21st-century slavery. Corruption, prostitution, victim protection and repatriation, and the creation of FRONTEX—the agency responsible for European border patrol—are all highlighted, while members of the European Parliament and other officials discuss what must be done to improve anti-smuggling efforts. (27 minutes)

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