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British Businessman in China: Building a Factory (04:10)


A British businessman's cushion business is ruined by cheaper Chinese imports. Tony hopes to improve his fortunes in China in partnership with a Chinese. He arrives to find his investment nearly gone and a factory half completed.

Energy-Saving Device in China: Is It Profitable (02:58)

Investing all of his savings into his venture, seventy-year-old Peter Williams plans to sell an electronic gadget to the Chinese. With this device, Chinese can save between 25-30% of electrical usage. He expects a profit of $500 million in a year.

Cheap Product Materials in China (05:07)

A 42-year-old British entrepreneur sells cheap Chinese-made kitchens in Britain. He finds the cheapest materials for his products. He confronts his Chinese supplier for sending damaged goods to him in England.

Businessman in China Faces Challenges (01:35)

Peter Williams is about to launch his energy-saving device during meetings in Hong Kong. Dreaming of huge profits, he hopes to impress the Chinese with his upper-class British credentials. Working alone for a month, he does not sell a single device.

Chinese Entrepreneurs Flout the Rules of Business (02:42)

Many cities in China manufacture only one product, such as toilets or zippers. Chinese entrepreneurs are unafraid to "play fast and loose" with the rules of business. A British businessman plans to copy exclusive bathroom fixtures and sell them.

Product Deadlines/Factory Incomplete (03:24)

Though his cushion factory is not completed, Tony, a British businessman in Shanghai takes orders at a trade fair and gets one for 250,000 cushions. When his site manager quits, he wonders if the factory will be completed in time.

Business Scams in China (03:17)

His business contacts are complex in China, and a British entrepreneur is spreading himself thin. As a result, he is subject to scams. He puts millions into a building that does not get built.

Partnerships with Shady Characters (01:57)

Peter Williams is working alone in China to sell his energy-saving device. He makes contact with a legendary business tycoon with contacts at the highest levels of power. Williams partners with him in a joint venture--though he knows nothing about him.

Business Setbacks in China (04:23)

A British businessman discovers he has been cheated and goes to visit the man who has his money and his property. The man, who used the money to build an indoor pool, demands even more money.

Doing Business in China: Clash of Customs (02:03)

In a tentative partnership with a man who has cheated him, a British businessman faces the task of eating an unpleasant specialty of the house just to respect customs.

Shady Business Practices in China (01:27)

The potential profits from an energy-saving device are hundreds of millions of British pounds. Yet, to do business in China, the inventor must hand his business over to a man he barely knows. Is the business partner working for or against the British entrepreneur?

Cultural Difficulties for Europeans in China (03:05)

His showroom up and running, a British businessman interviews women, looking for an English-speaking assistant. His factory remains incomplete. Frustrations pile up as he realizes he may have difficulty assembling a workforce in China.

Business as War in China (04:15)

Many Chinese entrepreneurs treat business like war. A British businessman uses questionable tactics to fight the "war" to save his business interests in China.

Grand Opening of Factory in China (02:55)

The biggest cushion factory in China is completed, and a British businessman can now get his orders out. Local dignitaries arrive at the opening, eager to be associated with the achievement.

Businessman Ruined in a Chinese Scam (01:01)

Peter Williams' Chinese business partner, Cecil, seems to have disappeared with the energy-saving device in his possession. Cecil is now selling the product to another well-connected Chinese businessman.

Success and Near-Success in China (02:04)

For Vance, a British entrepreneur seeking bargain materials for his kitchen business, China is a vast playground. Peter Williams may or not get paid for his energy-saving device in China. Meanwhile, he is living the high life in anticipation of huge profits.

Big Business Deal for British Entrepreneur (01:27)

Tony, whose cushion factory in China is up and running, wines and dines New York's movers and shakers in the multi-billion dollar cushion industry. He lands a $3 million deal.

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There are fortunes to be made in China today—but fortune-seekers from overseas face immense challenges. This program offers three engaging business case studies, each following a Western entrepreneur who grapples with Chinese business practices and culture. Tony Caldera’s cushion business has been ruined by Chinese imports, but he hopes for a turnaround by building a factory here. Peter Williams is about to embark on the toughest challenge of his life: selling an energy-saving device to the Chinese. Finally, there’s Vance Miller, who gained notoriety for selling cheap Chinese kitchens in Britain. Now he’s in China, determined to overcome setbacks. All three studies are ideal for sparking discussion and analysis in international business courses. (51 minutes)

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