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What Is PTSD? (03:26)


The psychiatric disorder, PTSD, causes people to re-experience past traumatic incidences through nightmares and flashbacks. The disorder is accompanied by anxiety and depression. Many Vietnam vets returned home with this disorder.

Mental Distress of War Veterans (04:12)

In 1968, military personnel, and particularly combat soldiers, were targeted by war protesters. Soldiers were forced to participate in atrocities, yet had no one to turn to for help with their subsequent mental distress. A vet finds one-on-one therapy for PTSD.

War Veterans and PTSD (03:31)

WWII veterans suffered less from the symptoms of PTSD than did soldiers from the Vietnam War. Why? WWII was well supported by all of America and the soldiers were older, among other things. Symptoms of PTSD are explored in this segment.

Treatment of PTSD Symptoms (01:54)

The stigma of PTSD keeps many victims from seeking help for their condition. Other victims do not believe anything can help them. PTSD does not usually resolve itself without treatment. Suicide is all too common among PTSD sufferers.

Controversial Treatment for PTSD (04:50)

A controversial treatment, traumatic incidence reduction (TIR) traces PTSD symptoms back to their source. The U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs provides inpatient and outpatient treatment for PTSD victims.

Drug Therapy for PTSD (03:46)

Many victims of PTSD receive drugs for their symptoms and may remain on the drugs for decades. The cause of their symptoms, however, is not addressed with pharmaceuticals. Veterans work hard to address the underlying trauma of PTSD.

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A psychiatric disorder, PTSD generally follows life-threatening events like natural disasters, terrorist incidents, and military combat. Unfortunately, many PTSD victims don’t realize what afflicts them. This program expands awareness and knowledge of the disorder and explores the latest treatment options available today. In an illuminating case study, a Vietnam veteran who developed PTSD after his tour of duty explains how the condition destroyed his personal life and forced him into bankruptcy before he found relief through Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy. Expert commentary comes from Dr. Glenn Schiraldi of the University of Maryland and Terry Luper of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The effect of PTSD on older veterans is a featured topic. (24 minutes)

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