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Positive Psychology (03:59)


Positive psychologists focus on people who are generally happy with their lives. This field of study "looks at what is right with the world."

Happiness Skills Workshop (04:05)

A psychologist works with relatively content people to "wake them up" to their happiness potential. Their first test of optimism is to immerse one hand in ice water to see how long they can stand the discomfort.

Happiness and Hedonism (03:47)

Does happiness reside in hedonism? Happiness workshop participants try it out and share their experiences.

Emotions and Brain Pathways (03:28)

Positive psychologists have begun a series of tests focusing on the body's response to emotional stimuli. Do emotions influence the processing of information by happy people.

Happiness and Public Service (02:40)

Scientists use fMRI studies to be inside the human brain and to observe how emotions affect it. Workshop participants perform acts of altruism and then share their experiences.

Search for Happiness (03:58)

A young man volunteers to pick up trash in a park for his altruistic experience. A bus driver makes a donation to a worthy charity. A young woman donates her clothes to help less fortunate women dress for success.

What Makes People Happy? (02:56)

In the past 50 years, material wealth has skyrocketed while happiness levels have stayed grounded. Humans are social animals, so friends and family are sources of happiness. Is happiness genetic?

Happy Work Place (03:51)

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters attributes is success to its management style, based on the principles of positive psychology. Employees are offered meditation and yoga instruction.

Happiness Yoga and Happiness Coaches (03:51)

During happiness yoga, participants learn that laughter, even pretend laughter, can stimulate the beneficial effects of joy. A happiness coach helps people identify what they want and helps them achieve their goals.

Happiness: Gratitude Visits (04:32)

A gratitude visit provides the opportunity to tell someone how much they have positively influenced one's life. These visits require honesty and a willingness to be vulnerable.

Happiness Levels (03:26)

Happiness workshop participants share their feelings about gratitude visits. Each acknowledges that personal experiences with others raised their happiness quotients. Each one tested positively for optimism and ability to withstand pain.

Pursuit of Happiness (01:43)

After experiences with hedonism, altruism, and honesty, workshop participants are quantitatively happier than before. Each person expresses the outcomes of the happiness experiments.

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This program illustrates the application of positive psychology through a powerful workshop in which participants increase their awareness of what creates happiness by performing acts of indulgence, altruism, and gratitude. How to Be Happy also considers whether wealth, friendship, religion, job satisfaction, raising children, and getting older typically do or don’t promote happiness. An fMRI study on the effect of deep meditation on the brain, a segment on laughter yoga, and a case study of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, a very successful company whose management style is firmly based on the principles of positive psychology, round out the program. Original CBC broadcast title: How to Be Happy! (44 minutes)

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