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Gay Couple's Relationship (05:04)


Marcelo and Gus describe their relationship, their values, and why they love each other.

Religion and Gay Identity (03:26)

A gay couple discuss their differences, particularly in religion. Marcel is a gay Catholic man, which causes him some confusion. He comforts himself with the knowledge that God is accepting of all people.

Catholic Church and Homosexuality (03:05)

A gay man discusses the Catholic Church's acceptance of gay people, but notes that the Church does not want homosexuals to act on their impulses. A gay man struggles to find inner peace.

Latino Mothers Deal with Gay Sons (03:22)

A mother knows from an early age that her son is gay, yet she still thought he could be "cured." A gay boy wets his bed and gets beaten by his mother every day because of it. Today, these mothers regret their actions.

Gay Activists and Gay Parents (04:01)

A gay activist helps gays find asylum in countries where they are not persecuted. Gay parents work with elementary students to help them overcome homophobia. San Francisco offers safe haven for many homosexuals.

Children Who Are Gay (03:17)

A gay man living in San Francisco recalls growing up knowing that he was different. He faced ridicule in school and learned that he was "not OK."

Growing Up Gay (03:23)

David, living in New York, recalls how he felt as a child knowing he was different. Other children called him names, though David did not yet know that he was a homosexual. He was attracted to another boy in third grade.

Lifestyle of a Gay Man in New York (04:12)

A gay man in New York describes himself and his lifestyle. He works at an AIDS assistance organization. Many of his closest friends are women.

Young Gays Experience Self-Loathing (04:52)

Coming out as a homosexual at age 16, David formed relationships with girls who were his "girlfriends," but he did not enjoy kissing them. He tried to ignore his real feelings, and had thoughts of suicide.

Families Reject Gay Children (05:59)

Parents often find it difficult to accept their gay children because they believe that their own dreams for their children and themselves will be destroyed. Feeling rejected, many of these gay children seek a "family" of other people like themselves.

Homosexual Latinos with AIDS (04:16)

Many gays form heterosexual relationships because of the homophobia they face. Those who also have AIDS fear that they are being punished for behavior that goes against the Catholic Church.

HIV Diagnosis/HIV Counselor (02:58)

A man leaves Venezuela after a positive diagnosis for HIV. In the States, he receives the treatment he needs and works with HIV patients in Washington, D.C.

Transgender Woman and Her Husband (03:38)

Gabi, once a man, now lives as a transgender woman with her husband Javier. She has suffered because of her sexual orientation. She began hormone treatments at age 15.

Transgender Woman Struggles with Family (04:29)

The mother of a transgender woman shares her experiences of watching her son transform into a woman named Gabriela. Gabi's sister accepts her completely. Gabi's troubles with her family led her to substance abuse.

Stigma of Transgender Lifestyle (05:59)

The impact of stigmatization can destroy a transgender person's life. For the sake of stability, a transgender woman and her husband avoid clubs and shows where people gather, drink alcohol, and share drugs.

Latino Culture and GBT Men and Women (05:02)

Parents feel betrayed by children who move to America to find acceptance of their sexual orientation. For the Latino community, issues around gender, religion, tradition, and machismo play a large role in the lack of acceptance of GBT men and women.

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The gay, bisexual, and transgender community still struggles to find its place among the rich traditions of Latino culture. This extended documentary examines the lives of seven Latino GBT men and women, offering profound insights into their relationships with family and loved ones while exploring their sexuality in the contexts of culture, religion, and work. This version offers more in-depth material than the 34-minute edition (item #39229) and features a greater number of on-camera participants. Subjects include Gus and Marcelo, a young couple; Oscar, a dancer and choreographer; Gabriela, once a boy, now a woman; Ernesto, an HIV-positive bisexual; and David, a burdened New Yorker. In addition, the film’s host—Dusty, a Panamanian social activist—interweaves these stories with his own wise commentary. (Portions in Spanish with English subtitles, 70 minutes)

Length: 72 minutes

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