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Home Performance Audit (03:15)


Prior to any remodeling project, it is essential to first assess the current performance of the house and all of its systems. The audit is about more than just energy efficiency. The inspection usually begins on the exterior of the structure.

Thermal Scans of Buildings (03:05)

As performance auditors explore the exterior of a house, they use infrared cameras to gather temperature measurements. This shows where heat loss occurs as well as the presence of insect infestations.

Interior Performance Audit (03:20)

Performance auditors make an interior survey of a home, looking for energy losses and construction problems. The infrared camera "sees" thermal weaknesses. Inspectors check all gas and fuel lines.

Basement Inspection (01:51)

In the basement of a home, performance auditors look for seals, fire exits around pipe and cable installations, moisture damage, electrical installations, and structural issues.

Attic Inspection and Energy Efficiency (02:59)

Attics should have sufficient insulation. Inspectors look for holes leading into the attic that could allow moist air to rise into the attic. Attics should have proper air flow to let out moisture. Inspectors check for energy efficiency.

House De-Pressurization (04:34)

Inspectors depressurize a house to measure how much air infiltration occurs in the house. Blower door tests help remodelers quantify and qualify the results.

Remediation Techniques for Energy Efficiency (04:19)

The blower door test will allow inspectors to use infrared cameras to spot air leaks inside a house. The house under audit has many air leaks that can be remediated for energy efficiency.

HVAC: A Green Perspective (03:07)

An HVAC specialist will do a complete heat analysis before the remodeler begins working. Inspectors look for tight seals on duct work and how well insulated the duct work is.

Efficient Home Energy Systems (02:47)

Decisions about fuel sources usually rest on the fuels most readily available. Sources include oil, propane, electricity, and natural gas. Homeowners should look for efficiency ratings on appliances.

Energy Efficiency and Green Remodel Projects (01:48)

Homeowners should choose the most efficient system that will fit within their budgets. Comfort is also an important part of the energy package. Each remodel will have its own energy requirements.

Colonial Home-Building Techniques (03:41)

A pre-Revolution house in Pennsylvania offers insights into colonial home-building and energy efficiency techniques.

Modern Heating System in 18th-Century House (02:53)

A restored pre-Revolution home is now a museum. Modern heating is provided through a geothermal system. This saves nearly 60% of heat costs over a conventional heat pump.

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Home Performance: The First Step to Green

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For the remodeler embarking on any home renovation—particularly one where improved sustainability and energy efficiency is a goal—it’s essential to first assess the current performance of the house and all its systems. This video takes viewers through a home performance audit and shows how insights into the thermal envelope, energy footprint, and structural soundness can guide the remodeler and homeowner through the first steps toward creating a greener home. An overview of high-efficiency HVAC and geothermal technologies and the role they play in a house’s energy efficiency is also explored. Correlates to all National CTE Organizational Standards (including the provisions of the Perkins Act). Viewable/printable discussion questions are available online. A Shopware Production. A part of the series Green-ovating: Home Renovations for a Sustainable World. (40 minutes)

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