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Child Slavers (01:54)


At any given time, 12 million people in the world are enslaved. The buying and selling of children is a multi-billion dollar business that flourishes in the global economy.

Slavery and Refuge for Togo's Children (02:05)

Today, slave traders prey on the youngest and most vulnerable. In a remote part of Togo, children are sold into slavery every day. Symphorienne Kessouagni helps children escape slavery and offers them sanctuary.

Spiritual Healing for Wounded Souls (02:40)

Jaell, a former domestic slave, describes the brutal treatment she was forced to endure. When she arrives at the sanctuary, she was very sad and wounded. Symphorienne provides spiritual healing for her young charges.

Child Sex Slaves and Prostitutes (02:18)

In Hyderabad, India, thousands of young girls are lured from their homes and sold into slavery. Many young girls from poor families are not valued. A former sex slave describes the "hell" of forced prostitution.

Kidnapped Boys Become Camel Riders (02:26)

Extreme poverty places Pakistan's youngest citizens at the highest risk. For years, poor families were tricked into selling their youngest boys who were then shipped to the UAE. There the boys are forced to be camel jockeys.

UAE Abuses Children (01:33)

In the UAE, sheiks and their agents buy children as if they are animals. The camels the children are forced to ride are treated far better than the children, who are forced to drink salt water to keep them underweight.

Lobby to Enforce Anti-Slavery Laws (02:23)

Globalization paves the way for organized slave traders. Children are quickly transported to other countries. A former Hindu nun, who runs schools for former brothel workers, lobbies officials to enforce anti-slavery laws.

Rescued Sex Slaves (02:12)

A former Hindu nun walks the streets of Hyderabad in search of young girls forced into prostitution. She has suffered physical beatings for her work. In her schools, former sex slaves, mostly infected with HIV, are cared for.

Exploited Parents and Children (01:47)

Pakistan slave traders buy children and sell false dreams to parents who desperately want to believe them. Often it is a villager, a known entity, who serves as the agent that lures children away.

Children: Kidnapped and Abused (01:51)

A child is taken to the UAE at age 2 and a-half. He is forced to ride a camel and shocked with an electric probe when he falls or falters. He comes back to his village at age 6 with stories of torture and beatings.

Togo Slave Traders (02:20)

Slave traders in Togo easily smuggle their young captives into neighboring countries. Many times, no one knows where they children are from, and many have no birth certificates. Former captives speak out about being tricked.

Vulnerable Children (02:05)

Symphorienne Kessouagni works to protect vulnerable children in Togo. Cart boys are forced to push heavy loads, often injuring themselves in the process. It takes many months for her to earn their trust so she can rescue them.

Reunification of Children and Parents (01:29)

Parents who have sold or given their children to traders often want their children back but fear they will be punished by the police. Symphorienne Kessouagni has reunited many children and parents after long separations.

Attorney Rescues Camel Riders (03:28)

Ansar Burney, a Karachi attorney, retrieves Pakistani boys forced to perform as jockeys in the brutal sport of camel racing. He returns to their villages to check their progress. The children relate the horrors of their years as camel riders.

Brutalized Children Rescued (01:45)

Rescued sex slaves, many very young, have seen the worst of humanity, yet they give great deal of love to those who are kind to them. Many of the girls, even toddlers, have lived with brutality and rape beyond belief.

Children Find Peace (03:23)

A former Hindu nun helps heal and rehabilitate child sex slave. Her work requires fortitude and faith. At first, children who have been rescued find it hard to believe that a god loves them. With time and explanation, they find peace.

Caretaker of Wounded Children (03:12)

Symphorienne Kessouagni contemplates her role in life as caretaker and surrogate mother for so many spiritually and emotionally wounded children. More children arrive each week.

Children on the Healing Path (02:55)

Given the chance to be children again, former sex slaves spend much of their time studying. Symphorienne's small farm businesses help pay for what she needs to raise the children.

Vulnerability of Children (04:39)

Very young camel jockeys who are rescued and reunited with their families remain vulnerable to exploitation all over again. Pakistan must meet the challenges of educating its children

To Regain One's Identity (02:29)

In their business enterprise, young girls and women regain their identities. They can make choices and decisions that affect thems and others.

Lost Children Find New Family (02:33)

Former Hindu nun Sunitha Krishnan tries to create a new family for former sex slaves who can't or won't return to their homes. The very youngest get to enjoy being children for the first time.

Children Helped by Extraordinary People (01:01)

Extraordinary individuals help exploited children gain some normalcy in their lives. Tens of thousands of children remain lost or dead, sold through a powerful network of slave traders.

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Evoking the spirit of 19th-century abolitionism, this program enters the lives of three antislavery activists in today’s developing world. Symphorienne Kessouagni works to protect vulnerable children in rural Togo, keeping them away from traffickers and helping young slaves escape. Sunitha Krishnan is a former Hindu nun in Hyderabad, India, who runs 17 schools for former brothel workers and lobbies officials to enforce antislavery laws. Ansar Burney is a Karachi attorney who retrieves Pakistani boys forced to perform as jockeys in the brutal sport of camel racing. Each activist speaks in eloquent detail about his or her experiences and the psychological scars—as well as the resilience—of those freed from slavery. (Portions in other languages with English subtitles, 54 minutes)

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