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Socialism Experimentation (01:33)


The Russian Revolution changes the world forever. The social experiment fails and almost one third of the world's population is living in the shadow of communism.

Bread Riots in Russia (03:09)

During WWII, the people of St. Petersburg suffer a food shortage. Cries in Petrograd for lack of bread turn to the removal of the Tsar. Socialist agitators react and armed workers march to the city.

Disbursing Russian Protesters Proves Difficult (06:01)

Soldiers violently remove demonstrators from Petrograd. A young girl's flower turns the Cossacks from enemies to friends. The Tsar sends soldiers to shoot the protesters; they soldiers become angry and mutiny.

Kronstadt Revolt (05:02)

The sailors of Kronstadt become a key part in the Russian Revolution. They learn of the rebellion in Petrograd and they elect a new revolutionary committee. Sailors remove the officers and kill Admiral Viren.

Honeymoon of the Revolution (05:01)

Tsar Nicholas II is trapped on a train. He abdicates and the regime comes to an end. It is a time of ideals and ideals. Radicals come to Kronstadt emphasizing the dawn of socialism. Russia is eager to read and be free.

The Island of Kronstadt (01:35)

Revolution grips the sailors at Kronstadt. They have the most direct form of democracy and develop their own laws.

The April Theses (03:08)

A temporary provisional government replaces the Tsar in Petrograd. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) arrives with a template of 10 principles for a socialist future. "Peace, bread, and land" resounds throughout the land.

July Days (04:41)

Soldiers in Petrograd join with Kronstadt sailors to overthrow the provisional government. Government troops fire on the protesters and it turns into a riot. Lenin is branded a Germany spy and the Bolsheviks go underground.

Bolsheviks Rise in Russia (05:41)

Alexander Kerensky becomes Prime Minister but quickly gets in trouble. Lenin returns to Russia to help the Bolsheviks seize power. Fiodor Raskolnikov is set free and Lenin turns to the Kronstadt sailors.

End of the Provisional Government (04:14)

Kronstadt sailors arrive at the Winter Palace on October 25, 1917. Meanwhile, Lenin arrives at the 2nd Soviet Congress to declare all power to the Soviets. The opposition parties stage a walk-out leaving the Bolsheviks in control.

Beginning of Russian Democracy? (03:48)

The Russian Revolution is rung in with massive hangovers. The Russian people look to the promised Constituent Assembly to build a firm democracy The Bolshevisks receive one fourth of the vote but Lenin forces out the delegates.

Lenin and the Cheka Control Russia (02:18)

Lenin sets up the Cheka to deal with any form of counter-revolution and criticism. The Kronstadt sailors protest against Lenin and the excess of the Cheka unknowingly setting a course for their demise.

Credits: Russian Revolution in Color: Part 1—Freedom and Hope (00:33)

Credits: Russian Revolution in Color: Part 1—Freedom and Hope

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Russian Revolution in Color: Part 1—Freedom and Hope

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No episode of history illustrates the interplay between violence and radical idealism more clearly than the overthrow of Russia’s czar and aristocracy. Using vivid reenactments and colorized archival footage, this program depicts the seizure of power by a political party that, although initially representing a small fraction of the Russian nation, rapidly engulfed it. Viewers learn about the formation of the Red Army and the Cheka, or secret police; the Red Terror Decrees; and Lenin’s methods for taking control of the economy. Discussions of the Bolshevik vision of exporting socialism across Europe shed further light on a brand of totalitarianism presaging Hitler’s plans for world domination. A part of the series Russian Revolution in Color. (47 minutes)

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