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China, America and Carbon Emissions (01:48)


China and the U.S. are responsible for 40% of carbon emissions. China points out that America is richer and wants it to act first.

Conference of American and Chinese Activists (02:05)

Silicon Valley-based U.S.-China Green Energy Council hosts a conference in Beijing. One man calls Sino-American climate cooperation the most important cooperation of the century.

Chinese Environmental Record (02:26)

Many Americans think the Chinese have done little about climate change, but green house gas emissions are growing much slower than the economy. Chinese have lost their blue sky and clean air as the economy has grown.

China's Support for Alternative Energy (01:48)

China has promoted alternative energy companies. Chinese government is able to take action more quickly than other countries, an alternative energy CEO says.

Tension Between Environmental and Economic Goals (02:08)

Chinese worry about food insecurity, release of toxins, and fraudulent products, but desire for economic growth competes with environmental concerns.

Green Products in China (01:23)

Chinese interest in green products has expanded greatly in recent years.

Electric Bus Batteries (03:23)

At the Electric Bus Charging Station in Beijing, a machine transfers batteries to electric buses. The designers made batteries that could quickly charge for a long time.

Student Environmental Activism (02:29)

Some Beijing Institute of Technology students want a stronger environmental studies program. At Tsinghua University, a student environmental club flourishes, which has succeeded in strengthening curriculum there.

Tsinghua University (01:56)

At Tsinghua University, many disciplines focus on environmental concerns. A student talks about efforts to reduce energy consumption.

Environmental Concern at University (02:21)

Students are interviewed further about their environmental activism. At a table at the college, a discussion of research projects takes place.

Environmental Efforts at Tsinghua (01:37)

At Tsinghua University, students work on a chemical sewage treatment project.

Chinese Green Energy Companies (03:02)

Recent graduates in China are forming green energy companies. They offer internship opportunities for students.

Collaboration with American Companies (01:59)

China is rapidly expanding manufacturing of alternative energy for export. Many Chinese and American companies collaborate.

American Companies' Chinese Opportunities (01:39)

American alternative energy companies see in the Chinese market an opportunity for scaling up, and a government that unlike in the U.S. is capable of laying out vast new infrastructure.

Publicity for American Technological Advances (01:46)

Most Americans know little of China's environmental efforts but read frequently about green technology advances. An American green energy executive discusses his company's efforts.

Marvell (02:04)

Silicon Valley-based semiconductor company Marvell works to help customers save energy. A company co-founder funded a research center at Berkley to focus on energy efficiency.

Berkley's Energy Efficiency Efforts (02:37)

Berkley is engaged in cutting-edge efforts to solve climate problems; research helps green technology companies. As in China, students play a vital role.

New Efficiency in Old Technology (01:37)

A Berkley professor talks about the importance of making existing technology more efficient, since it will be around a long time. Another professor talks about Berkley's role in the green transformation.

Stanford's Energy Efficiency Efforts (01:46)

Stanford's climate and energy project researches energy efficiency, carbon capture and other areas, with a long-term focus. One project ranked various approaches; another works on ocean-based windmills.

Stanford Students' Environmental Interests (02:04)

Stanford students visited China and were intrigued by the use of cheap solar water heaters. Many students take energy and climate related classes. The EPA often makes use of Stanford's environmental research.

Stanford's Energy-Efficient Buildings (02:24)

Stanford has applied its environmental research to design energy-efficient buildings on campus. The energy-efficient "Y2E2 building" is the focus of interdisciplinary environmental research on campus.

Green Consumerism (03:02)

At San Jose St., faculty study how to move society away from consumerism in order to save energy. Drop in consumption could cause economic collapse, so one goal is to promote an identity based on green products.

Climate Solutions Class (03:03)

A San Jose State professor talks about his Climate Solutions class. We see footage of the class.

Studying Campus Attitudes (02:50)

San Jose St.'s Environmental Resource Center studies environmental attitudes on campus.

Solar Ice Maker (03:25)

San Jose St.'s engineering department developed a solar ice maker, but the primary focus is increasing the economic viability and practical use of green technologies. The college offers a unique green entrepreneurship course.

Credits: Green Rim: Towards a Sustainable Pacific Rim (00:31)

Credits: Green Rim: Towards a Sustainable Pacific Rim

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As the world’s top two carbon emitters, China and the U.S. face significant challenges reducing emissions while keeping up with a growing demand for more energy. Is there potential for cooperation between both Pacific Rim nations on this important issue, or is each country seeking its own distinct solutions? This program explores the collaborative efforts of American and Chinese academics and decision makers to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, increase energy efficiency, and produce renewable energy. Filmed on location in China and Silicon Valley, the video shows why clean-technology solutions might only be effective if they are easy to integrate into everyday life. (57 minutes)

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