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"All Men are Created Equal" (05:51)


Aristotle bases his ideas about men and women on natural law; men rule and women are ruled. Despite the inequality, a woman holding a scale is the symbol for justice. In 1979, the "Treaty of New York" recognizes many women's rights.

Credits for "All Men are Created Equal" (00:48)

Credits for "All Men are Created Equal"

"Someone Must be Trusted" Act 1: The Family Wage (02:24)

A man and a woman compare their wages for the same cleaning job. The woman writes to the Industrial Tribunal challenging the inequality. The tribunal decides that the woman is lucky to be paid at all.

"Someone Must be Trusted" Act 2: Virgin or Whore (02:42)

A woman is picked up while hitch-hiking. Judges decide that a woman has no authority. They also say that the plaintiff was asking to be raped and the court case was a total waste of time. (Graphic image)

"Someone Must be Trusted" Act 3: Fallen From Grace (01:40)

A woman is accused of killing her husband. Several images show the juggling act the woman performed throughout her life before "falling from grace."

Credits for "Someone Must be Trusted" (00:35)

Credits for "Someone Must be Trusted"

"Murders Most Foul" (07:17)

A man goes to trial for killing his wife. With a lawyer's coercion, he explains the provocation that lead to her death. He receives a commuted sentence. Voices reflect on similar verdicts occurring across the country. (Credits)

"Some Protection" (09:15)

A teenage girl is repeatedly sent to corrective institutions "for her own protection." The voice of the girl provides an angry dialogue of the choices she makes and what she endures. (Graphic language; Credits)

Credits: Blind Justice: Women and the Law (00:20)

Credits: Blind Justice: Women and the Law

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Blind Justice: Women and the Law

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This group of four animated programs provocatively traces the ways and means in which justice has been applied to women in Western society. Blind Justice was cheered at the San Francisco Film Festival as an imaginative antidote to complacent attitudes towards women’s rights.

All Men Are Created Equal traces the origins of many basic concepts of Western law to ancient Greece and shows just how unequal men and women are before the law. Someone Must Be Trusted shows the inherent bias of tribunals and courts of law. Murders Most Foul is based on an actual case. It is set in a British Crown Court, where the rules of drama are twisted to expose a villain who gets away with murder, a murdered wife who gets her own back, and a judge who is forced to eat his words. Some Protection shows the devastating effect of detention and imprisonment on young girls who are sent away "for their own protection." The voice and the words are those of a young woman inmate, her furious words running to expletives with which students are familiar—but that some teachers may wish to avoid. (30 minutes)

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