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Warm Welcome (02:04)


Induction sets the tone for the new employee's successful incorporation into the workplace. Viewers learn the first of ten essentials for successful induction that will be covered in this film.

Ensuring a Productive Workplace (01:27)

New hires must gave the equipment they need to successfully carry out their jobs. They need to know where the facilities are and how to navigate in the workplace.

Introduction to Key People (00:44)

Viewers learn the value of introductions to key company people.

Background to Organization and Policies (01:31)

New hires must be provided essential information about the background of the company, its rules and regulations, and the company's policies.

Team Goals and Directions & Team Ground Rules (03:07)

A new hire needs to know how his team fits into the whole organization. Teams must create and agree upon their own rules of governance. Successful inductions are prioritized by personal and company benefits.

Job Description and Pay (01:16)

New hires must be provided with comprehensive job descriptions and the salaries associated with those positions.

Training and Review Procedures (01:04)

It is important to lay out the type of training new hire will receive, the reason for that training, and a schedule of training events. The must know the relationship between training and review procedures.

Computers and IT (00:56)

Prior to the first day of employment of a new hire, IT needs to be informed of that person's arrival. Management must know which IT skills the new hire has and the skills needed to work with the company's IT procedures.

Meaningful Work at the Start (02:05)

In addition to having meaningful work to do on the first day, a meaningful 'buddy' is essential for the new hire. An induction process can be covered in the first week. What follows could be categorized as training.

Credits: 10 Essentials for Successful Induction (00:19)

Credits: 10 Essentials for Successful Induction

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We all remember our good and bad experiences when starting a new job or joining a new team. With some simple—and often overlooked—steps, managers and supervisors can put a successful induction in place so that new people gain the best impression of their group and job from day one. Topics covered include giving a warm welcome, ensuring a productive workspace, introductions to key people, background to organization and policies, team goals and directions, team ground rules, job description and pay, training and review procedures, computers and IT, and creating meaningful work at the start. Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. (15 minutes)

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