Segments in this Video

Personal Presentation and Positive Work Ethic (02:30)


Attribute No. 1 is personal presentation, and attribute No. 2 is positive work ethic. Psychologist Eve Ash expands each attribute.

Confidence & Self-Esteem and Enthusiasm & Motivation (02:21)

Attribute No. 3 is confidence and self-esteem, and attribute No. 4 is enthusiasm and motivation.

Adapts and Manages Pressure (01:37)

Employability attribute No. 5 is about adapting and managing pressure. Psychologist Peter Quarry summarizes the first five employability attributes.

Communication & Teamwork/Problem-Solving and Initiative (02:53)

Psychologist Eve Ash lists five employability skill sets. No. 1 is communication and teamwork skills. No. 2 is problem-solving and initiative skills.

Planning, Organization, and Technology (02:03)

Psychologist Eve Ash expands on two skill sets. No. 3 is planning and organizing. No. 4 is technology savvy.

Ability to Learn (02:05)

Learning takes time and planning. Psychologist Eve Ash suggests several steps one can take to embrace learning. Peter Quarry reviews the five skill sets presented in the program.

Credits: 10 Employability Attributes and Skills (00:13)

Credits: 10 Employability Attributes and Skills

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10 Employability Attributes and Skills

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In this program, users learn the five key attributes and the five core skills that make prospective job applicants more employable and effective on their jobs. This program is essential viewing for job seekers and recruiters. (14 minutes)

Length: 14 minutes

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