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C02 Capture Device (02:43)


Physicists at Columbia University have figured out how to clean carbon from the air. A man made material does the same job as trees but on a larger scale.

Synthetic Supertree (03:10)

Physicists at Columbia University demonstrate the capability of their C02 capture material. This discovery has the potential to stop global warming.

Underground Emissions Trap (03:30)

Burning coal accounts for 20 percent of greenhouse emissions. A power plant in West Virginia injects C02 directly into rocks under the Earth's surface.

Carbon Capturing Plankton (02:59)

Scientists with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences are in the Atlantic are trying to understand how the chemistry of the ocean works. Algae need C02 to live.

Ocean Iron Fertilization (03:28)

Scientists with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences deploy plankton nets into the Atlantic. Adding iron to the ocean increases algae growth. The goal is to counteract carbon emissions.

Gas Emitting Manure Turned BioChar (04:13)

Livestock makes up 20 percent of global C02 emissions. A chicken farmer in West Virginia is sequestering carbon before it leaves the ground.

Sun Reflection Possibilities (03:31)

It may be too late to stop global warming by reducing C02. A climate researcher has a way to block the sun in order to keep the Earth from heating up.

More Reflective Clouds (01:51)

A physicist believes clouds can be engineered to better reflect heat away from the Earth. Seeding clouds with tiny salt particles attracts more water.

Project Silver Lining (03:14)

Scientists in Silicon Valley are trying to create the perfect drop of salt water. This technology could create the ability to make clouds that reflect solar energy more effectively.

Need for Robotic Powered Vessel (02:03)

The Greenland Ice Shelf is disappearing at a rapid rate. Salt water spraying catamarans would create more reflective clouds where needed.

Magnus Effect (03:44)

A solar and wind powered boat has been built in a coast town in Germany. This rotor ship is not ready to be used without a person at the helm.

Controversial Approach to Global Warming (02:05)

Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991 spilling 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. This release cooled the temperature of the planet.

Electromagnetic Railgun (02:41)

An aerospace engineer has studied every aspect of delivering a million tons of sulfur 20 miles into the sky. A Navy developed gun may be the answer.

Electromagnetic Railgun Test (02:05)

The team fires an 11 pound projectile. Could this Navy weapon launch enough sulfur into the air to stop global warming?

S02 Delivery Possibilities (03:03)

Zeppelins are filled with non-explosive helium. There are only two operating in the world. Is it possible that these airships could be used to stop global warming?

S02 Delivery Operation (03:12)

An aerospace engineer says airplanes are the answer for bring sulfur to the atmosphere in order to stop global warming.

Need for Global Warming Solutions (01:44)

Global C02 emissions would drop by four percent if all corporate buildings were carbon neutral.

Credits: Fix the Earth (00:16)

Credits: Fix the Earth

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