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Introduction Etiquette (04:17)


Practicing business etiquette can be as important to a career as knowledge, ability, and contacts. Smooth introductions pave the way for good working relationships.

Making an Entrance (02:20)

The person who gets to the door first, or the person who can be most helpful, opens the door. An employee waits to sit down until he is asked.

Sharing Space With Others (03:20)

Employees ask to be excused for nose blowing and sneezing. Smokers invade the air space of fellow employees, and a worker stands too close. Counting to ten helps an employee calm down.

Telephone Etiquette (02:05)

The telephone is often the first point of business contact. Good managers place their own calls and return all their calls when possible.

Food and Dining Etiquette (04:01)

Table manners and dining etiquette extend to ordering procedures, table conversations, and correctly using napkins and utensils. Food is always passed to the right.

Tipping and Note Writing (04:17)

Tipping is inevitable and doing it well is courteous and thoughtful. Travelers carry loose bills for tipping. Thank you notes and notes of acknowledgement are essential in the workplace.

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Discusses the serious issues of professional etiquette in a comical fashion that will both entertain and instruct students and employees in the vital areas of etiquette and protocol. Prepares students for many different situations in which a knowledge of professional etiquette will be essential. Includes interoffice etiquette, meeting protocol, introductions, dining etiquette, travel, and handling potentially awkward situations with grace. A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)

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