Segments in this Video

Tradition and Technology in Korea (03:53)


Korea is a land of contrasts where tradition and technology coexist. The whole of South Korea is held together by Confucianism—a detailed ethical code that defines appropriate behavior towards the dead and the living.

Korea: Daily Life, Women's Roles, and Education (05:10)

This segment examines the changing role of women, marriage, and education. Parents and government leaders believe that education is the key to future success for the children and the nation.

Korean: Religious Influences (03:44)

This segment traces religious influences in historical and contemporary Korea, and provides overviews of Buddhism and shamanism.

Korea: Cultural Expression and Korean Alphabet (02:09)

This segment examines 14th-century masked dances as a form of political and social satire. Korea’s 95% literacy rate is the result of the Korean alphabet, codified in a scientific and simple way during the Yee dynasty.

Korea’s Struggle for National Unity (03:45)

Korea’s generational spirit of nationalism is explained in terms of history. This segment examines Korean history from the arrival of the earliest Western ships to the annexation by Japan, the Korean War, 38th parallel, and the DMZ.

North and South Korea: Ideological Differences (02:33)

All South Koreans hope for the reunification of Korea, but ideological differences keep the two countries apart—North Korea’s communism and South Korea’s emerging democracy.

South Korea: Economic and Agricultural Evolution (03:00)

This segment traces South Korea's economic recovery since the Korean War. From bleak beginnings, the Third World nation has emerged as a modern, booming industrialized nation.

South Korea: Traditions and Future Development (02:26)

Christianity is Korea's most dynamic religion today with the largest Christian population in any Asian country. Because Koreans feel strongly about saving their cultural identity, preserving traditional arts and crafts is a national priority.

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In the shadow of continuing turmoil in North Korea, the South continues to prosper under its current president, Kim Young Sam. This program looks at the combination of centuries-old tradition and modern technology that has turned a small, war-torn agrarian country into a major industrial power. It shows the effects of modernization on traditional values, covers the roles of education and religion, and relates Korean history, language, and culture to those of China and Japan. A special segment discusses the dynastic-like leadership in the North brought about by the death of Kim Il Sung and the transfer of power to his son, Kim Jong Il. (29 minutes)

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