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Canadian Snapshots (01:09)


This film covers individual stories across the nation over a 24 hour period.

Midnight in Canada (02:13)

Four women are in labor at a Halifax birth unit, while Vancouver foot police work to keep the streets safe.

Canadian Night Shifts (02:07)

Cheryl Van Immerzeel checks on a pregnant mare at her ranch in British Columbia. Christiane Prevost apprehends a drug user in Vancouver.

Canadian Sunrise (01:13)

Citizens across the country send videos of their wake-up routines.

Morning Routines (02:47)

The Van Immerzeels reflect on their farming lifestyle while doing chores. Tessa Jennison prepares for an adventure race in Ontario and Kevin O'Leary shaves in Toronto.

Canadian Careers (02:29)

Vancouver ER physician Dr. Nick Rose surveys a patient. CBC newscaster Nancy Wilson prepares her report and Newfoundland taxi driver Lamont Hanames starts his shift.

Canadian Challenges (02:14)

CBC radio reporter Sean Kavanagh surveys flooding in Winnipeg. The Henneberry family spends the 92nd day in a Halifax hospital with their premature son.

Canadian Celebrations (01:55)

Chef Paul McCafferty prepares a wedding banquet in Ontario. Citizens across the country send videos of their breakfast routines.

Canadian Armed Forces (02:16)

Connie Wolff prepares to speak to her husband stationed in Afghanistan. Hanames sings a Sinatra song while getting his taxi serviced.

Mid-Morning in Canada (03:41)

Kaizen carries out tasks before turning five in British Columbia. Dr. Rose receives a 35 year old stroke patient. Wolff talks to her husband in Afghanistan.

Canadian Sports (04:19)

Siblings Eric and Sara kite ski across the Northwest Passage. Canadian Hockey Night producer Sherali Najak reports from Vancouver and Montreal fashion photographers prepare for a shoot.

Canadian Adventurers (01:46)

Tessa and Russell begin their eight hour race in Ontario. Citizens across the country send videos of their outdoor activities.

Canadian Weddings (01:31)

Chef Paul prepares meals for a Hindu ceremony.

Canadian Pets (02:03)

Toronto soprano Measha Brueggergosman prepares to sing. Citizens across the country send videos of their animals.

Springtime in Canada (02:37)

Tessa's team canoes 15 km during their adventure race. A woman breaks the ice on her first kayak ride of the season and Dr. Rose checks on a stroke patient.

Canadian Citizenship (01:54)

Kay Seng and her family prepare to become citizens in Winnipeg.

Canadian Perseverance (03:23)

Neda and St. Jacques work on a fashion shoot deadline in Montreal. A man decides to stay home during flooding in Winnipeg. Citizens across the country send videos of weather.

Canadian Babies (01:53)

Citizens across the country send videos of their infants. Measha practices yoga and reflects on her health challenges.

Canadian Lunchtime (01:40)

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi enjoys a cream bun. Tessa's team cycles 35 km in their race.

Afternoon in Canada (03:43)

Najak prepares for Canadian Hockey Night. Elephants are groomed at the Calgary Zoo, Kavanagh reports on Manitoba floods, and Tessa's team begins the running section of their race.

Canadian Birthdays (01:48)

Citizens across the country send videos of birthday celebrations. A Saskatchewan family postpones a party due to a snow storm.

Canadian Work Day (03:08)

The Van Immerzeels list their daily farm activities. Rick Mercer holds a political rally in Ontario and Montreal fashion photographers finish an assignment.

Late Afternoon in Canada (02:50)

University of Alberta researchers study polar bears. Chef McCafferty prepares 120 meals for a wedding and a Manitoba couple reaffirms their vows.

Canadian Health and Environment (02:28)

Dr. Rose tends to a stroke survivor. David Suzuki raises an ecosystem flag in Quebec.

Canadian Fitness (03:21)

A mare prepares for birth at the Van Immerzeels' farm. Tessa's team has two hours to complete their adventure race. Citizens across the country send videos of their sports activities.

Canada in Space (01:51)

Kavanagh broadcasts his report on flooding. Re-enactors stage a 19th century battle in Ontario. An astronaut trains for orbit at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Lifelong Passions in Canada (03:09)

Najak prepares to broadcast a hockey game. Chef Paul directs his catering staff as they serve two wedding parties.

Dinnertime in Canada (02:04)

Citizens across the country send videos of the evening meals. Tessa's team crosses the finish line.

Canadian Music (03:02)

Measha prepares for her opera performance. Karl Raymond hopes his band has a successful show. Citizens across the country send videos of their own performances.

Evening in Canada (02:38)

Canadians watch a hockey game. Baby Samuel's parents hope he can go home from the hospital soon.

Canadian First Nations Activities (03:04)

Players fight for the national aboriginal hockey championship title. Measha begins her opera performance. An Inuit youth group camps in the snow.

Nightlife in Canada (04:17)

Toronto foot police search for a drug dealer. Chef Paul finishes his day of catering three weddings. October Sky goes on stage in Montreal.

Canadian Triumphs (02:35)

Najak wraps up hockey night and Measha finishes her opera performance. Colby's team wins the aboriginal hockey championship.

Weekend in Canada (03:11)

Toronto foot police manage bar hoppers. A Halifax nurse welcomes her baby into the world. Citizens across the country send videos of bedtime routines.

Credits: 1 Day. 24 Hours. 34 Million Lives. (01:23)

Credits: 1 Day. 24 Hours. 34 Million Lives.

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On any ordinary day in Canada, extraordinary things happen. Canadians have remarkable stories to tell. And for the past 75 years, the CBC has enabled us to share those stories with each other. Join in the celebration of this rich heritage with a special CBC/Radio Canada documentary that gave all Canadians the chance to play a role in a one-day collective self-portrait, coast to coast. For 24 hours, CBC crews spanned the country to follow some of Canada’s most fascinating figures—among them new citizens, an aboriginal hockey star, an ER physician, a military family and many more. 1 Day also draws on videos and photos sent in by Canadians who seized this unique opportunity to provide a glimpse into their lives, families, and communities. (78 minutes)

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