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Honesty in the Workplace (02:09)


Honesty is defined as a refusal to lie, steal or deceive in any way. The honesty test, in theory, allows employers to screen out dishonest applicants.

A Case Study (02:51)

Honesty tests include questions such as: Have you ever lied or stolen from the workplace? Other questions test loyalty. A former employee is not rehired after her tests results are analyzed.

The Employee Theft Problem (01:29)

Employers justify honesty testing because of high levels of employee theft. Those who answer honestly on the tests, however, may be denied employment.

Honesty Tests: Background (02:54)

Psychological profiling has been used in the past to exclude immigrants. Test developers say the tests are statistically reliable, and users consider them cheap and legal.

Human Rights Issues (02:16)

Many test questions are being legally challenged, with regard to question validity and individual rights. Honesty test writers say that controlled research supports the testing.

Veiled Questions (00:51)

Some questions ask about non-job related activities such as driving fast cars. Proponents of honesty tests say the total score, not any one answer, is used as the predictor.

Hiring: Determining Factors (01:29)

Some feel honesty tests should not be the determining factor in hiring, but only a part of the process. Guidelines for test use are being developed.

The Impact of Testing (01:01)

A person who fails a test gives her reaction and shares her feelings. Two states have either banned honesty testing or limited their use.

What to Do If Given an Honesty Test (00:29)

Industry insiders say that if given an honesty test, people should not be afraid to exaggerate a little but do not go overboard. Test are designed to catch obvious liars.

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In Canada, retailers lose more than a million dollars every day to employee theft. Enter the pre-employment honesty test. Using a case study of a woman denied employment on the basis of an honesty test as a springboard for discussion, this program provides an overview of this controversial screening device. Issues of question validity, test discrimination, and the proper use of psychometric testing are addressed, and an interview with William Harris, executive director of the Association of Test Publishers, is featured. Sample questions are provided. (17 minutes)

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