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Rape Victims (03:46)


Rape is one of America's most rapidly growing crimes. A dramatization exposes how ludicrous it is to put the blame for crimes on the victims. Women are the primary targets for rape, but children and men are also raped.

Rape: Blaming the Victim (04:29)

In the 1800s, a raped woman was defiled, and it was her duty to prove her innocence. In the early 1900s, rape was considered the work of a deranged person, yet the woman’s character was still questioned. Underlying centuries of rapes is the notion that the woman is somehow to blame for her own rape.

Evidence of Rape (04:53)

Rape is a violent crime, and not just the sexual event as it has been seen. Though each rape is unique, the psychology behind rape is always the same: hatred. The viewer "walks" through a dramatization of a post-rape exam.

Why Do Men Rape? (04:31)

A psychologist researches motivations behind rape as he works with rapists in prison. Most rapists are not driven by sexual desire as much as by anger and aggression. Though most rapists were abused as children, their crimes are still not excusable.

Sexual Compulsions (03:05)

The roots of most rapes lie in childhood abuse, yet a small proportion of rapists may be biologically motivated to rape. In prison, sex abusers and rapists are treated with Depo-Provera to reduce their compulsive sex drives.

Media: Climate for Rape (02:24)

Nearly 50% of reported rapes are by men known to the victims. Images in advertising affect attitudes and, consequently, behavior. Media messages imply that it is all right to hurt women, to be hostile to women, and that women are sex objects.

Victims in Court (03:23)

A prevailing myth is that most rapes are interracial. Rape victims are forced to talk about intimate details of their attacks in courtrooms and for many, this is a second assault. The subsequent media circus is yet another assault.

Rape Prevention (04:45)

Victims share their post-rape hopelessness, fear, and despair. Dr. Bart urges women to unlearn their "nice girl" behavior. Some women have avoided rape by being aggressive within the first few seconds of their attack.

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FBI statistics show that a woman is raped every seven minutes in the United States. These are reported rapes; probably ten times as many rapes go unreported. Hosted by actress Veronica Hamel, this program seeks to determine why people rape and to help people protect themselves against this crime. It examines the history and mythology of rape, and explains who are its most likely victims. The program contains interviews with experts in the fields of media, law enforcement, and sociology. (30 minutes)

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